Friday, March 27, 2015

GIANT spiritual dump truck

I AM A MISSIONARY! its weird to be on the emailing missionary side of all this! but man do i love being a missionary! It still shocks me to see the name tag in my reflection! But I feel the mtc is a GIANT spiritual dump truck where you learn SOO MUCH that its hard to take it all in!! The only way to grow is by being strectched right?! but its so great, Im enjoying my time (:
Well I am in a tricompanionship! Extra blessings! I am with sister Hartley from Iowa city and sister Wilkens from Georgia! i love them both to pieces already! We all are going to Mongolia, so we are struggling through the language together! (: So our district there is five of us with two elders elder disney and elder mulder and there is one other district with two sisters and two elders, in which makes 9 of us going to Mongolia! (:  

In our Zone or branch there about 25 missionaries total and the majority of them are from way cool places and most of them are going to temple square, Germany France, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Brasil, South Korea, Tahita, Tonga. So diverse but all the missionaries going to mongolia are from the states haha! 

So I have seen Colby or Elder Robbins everyday I've been here! Its so awesome to see him even though its only handshakes! such a little blessing but the yesturday in the cafeteria he asked if i had seen Mikaela or sister Anderson and i hadnt. So he went and looked for her and he found her with his companion and started walking back towards us with her and her companion, where we were sitting, but I seriously popped up as fast as i could told my companions where i was going and went straight for her. I now know how moses felt, cause I had to the part the many seas of missionaries to get to her. I seriously attacked her with a hug, I was soo excited! I was crying tears of happiness. When we finally stopped hugging, Colby standing by us said, "Bailey I dont think I've ever seen you run so fast in your life." haha! well thats pretty true I dont like running (but I hadnt realized I had been running? whoops..) But that was so awesome and such a huge blessing!! I love her! #blessed

NEVER FEAR! I am being fed! i was for sure afraid there was no food here, but there is and i love the food especially the one too many desserts i normally get... (: #ilovefood

On the first day we sang army of Helaman  and they changed the words from we are as the lords missionaries to we are the lords missionaries! It was super cool! I am a missionary! (whoa! still shocks me! haha)

Well things are great and weve survived! Tomorrow we teach our first investigator all in Mongolian and so far we've only had one Mongolian lesson! Its going to be soo good, Im excited! (: Thanks to Griffin I know a few things! #thanksgriffin

Well I have to go! Happy pday which is friday for me in the MTC! (: Have a great week! Love you all!

-Bennett Egch

(Pictures will have to come later, we have to have a specific usb to upload them and none of my companions or i have them sorry! im really bummed about it!)


  1. Hurray for missionary emails! She sounds so good.

  2. Wow 9!! That's as big as my district was, only there are more sisters, which is great because I was worried that Bennett Egch might not be with many American sisters while in Mongolia. But five from her own group! Can't ask for more than that! Let the adventures begin!