Monday, June 22, 2015


Well this week has been SO GOOD! I mean really when your serving others can it really be anything but good?
The other day we were at a stop light and a man had his window down in the lane next to us and we were at a red light and I got out of the car and gave him a picture of Jesus, he shook his head but still took it! WOO! #EXTREMEcontacting #dontworryididntdie
So Sister Baker and I realized our ONLY difference and it is that I get hot easily but that she gets cold easily! haha (: we are like two peas in a pod!
We visited a less active who wasn't so sure about us being there but then the conversation seriously became guided by the spirit and we got her to open up and we were able to share a scripture with her! #tendermercies
We were on an exchange and there's this tree called the punching tree and Sister Dinning was with us and she was punching these trees cause they are kind of like punching foam. So then later in the day she punches a tree HARD and then she goes "OOW! yup thats a real tree" haha (:
We had a member lesson this week. Which is normal but THIS ONE WAS TERRIFYING, normally member lessons arent too scary but we were teaching FOUR RETURN MISSIONARIES, stinking scariest thing ever haha (:
I've realized what I've learned from the mtc that I really appreciate: from Sister Largin I learned, TO WORK YOUR GUTS OUT! she shared stories and I realized how I just want to work so hard and not waste time, no matter if it's for the people of Mongolia or California, and meetings are hard for me to attend just cause I want to go out and proselyte and baptize everyone! (meetings are good I know :P)

and from Brother Nelson: I have had to tell myself probably a million times since being out here to "HAVE FAITH IN THE MOMENT" and I'm grateful that he said that to us a million times in the MTC.  Just have faith in the moment and Heavenly Father will help out the rest! (:
So have faith in the moment, and work hard and Heavenly Father will work out the difference. (: and seriously we see miracles because of it! I'm grateful to be a missionary and to be learning about the gospel more everyday!
But as for all of us just keep doing the good stuff:
Work hard! (:
and have a great week!
Sister Bennett (:
ps I ate bananas this week, #bleh :P

Happy Sisters about to go do some service!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miracle Week

AHHHH Tuesday was insane! we had a great lesson that morning with two investigators and then that night we went to institute  and there was a rm there who JUST GOT BACK FROM MONGOLIA!!! less than 24 hours earlier! he served there a few years back but he went to visit then came back and came to institute?! can you say #miracle so I wrote down as many translations as I could think of cause I had a walking Mongolian dictionary sitting behind me! seriously I think Heavenly father is trying to tell me I'll make it there eventually and that I still need to keep studying, and that Mongolia can wait for me (: My miracle's name was Mike Corrigan (: HE WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT MONGOLIA!!! ahhh I haven't even been there but I love mongolia (: btw I filled out a visa paper the other day not quite sure what it was but it still processing thats all I know (:
Then we went from one investigator last week to a total of SEVEN!! They are seriously falling out of the sky! we are so excited #miracleseveryday
Baker and I with a member and an investigator

Yes, I am a door knocking/street contacting missionary, with the best companion ever! (:
I got an English tag this week WHAT WHAT! (:

WAIT WHO SAID SISTER BENNETT WAS A PICKY EATER?! This week I ate MUSHROOMS, TOMATOES, ONIONS, SALMON, & CRAB! WHAT?! but wait salmon was actually good!? but crab was funky? I could probably eat it again though? #Mombeproudofme #tomatoesarestillgross

Eating Crab! 

Go read the talk  The Character of Christ by David Bednar it is super GOOD! I think they have in the BYUI archives? its soooo GOOOOOOD! (:

Something I learned this week that i loved was from the institute teacher, Brother Andre, and he said are we giving Heavenly father our best everyday? Our best time during studying the scriptures? Giving meaningful service? He then said for most of my life I feel like I gave God the leftovers, for example ill pray later. He then said if you give God your best then you'll be way ahead of where I was. #crazypowerful #workinprogress
Have a great week, gotta go baptize the world!(:
For with God nothing is impossible. -Luke 1:37
Sister Bennett (:
Stop! and read your scriptures!

A hike with a new convert

Me and Baker
 Last week Bailey didn't have her camera.  These are last weeks adventures.
Me holding dinner.  Just kidding!

He's freaking out!
He made it to the top!

Me and Sister Wilkens on my birthday!

Monday, June 8, 2015


 I feel like I've been here forever!

OKAY, so we contacted this 21 year old last Monday and gave him a Book of Mormon and HE CALLED US BACK on Sunday!!!! and he said he'd be willing to come to institute. WHOA! we are starting to see exciting miracles in this area, Sister Baker and I, and we LOVE IT! I'm not sure I'm ready to leave California, it's starting to feel like home. We really are getting to know our family ward soo well and I LOVE THEM!!

 MY BDAY WAS GREAT consisted of three cakes one for every meal. people definitely love me out here! We made mom's cake for breakfast the Elders bought a cake and gave it to me at the zone blitz and President Orgill and his wife made me a cake at our new missionary meeting. SISTER BAKER GOT ME A POCKETKNIFE FOR MY BIRTHDAY SINCE I MISSED MINE SO BAD! she's the best! (:

IT'S WEIRD TO THINK I MISS SPEAKING MONGOLIAN, like I hardly even know the language! but my companion is a good sport and has learned a few words! (:

So we went on an exchange to another ward, and we didn't have dinner for the night and Sister Bennett is only happy if she has food, so I CALLED 17 people whom I didn't know to see if they would have us for dinner?! and the last one were so kind and had us over and they had chickens at their house so YEAH I HELD A CHICKEN THIS WEEK!!!!  and then we had pizza for dinner! (: #dontworryiwashedmyhands

So EVERYONE thinks I'm crazy but I'm determined to learn a little bit of Spanish while I am here, there are so many Spanish speaking people here! and I want to be able to bear my testimony and at least say here is a picture or pass along card of Jesus Christ #onelanguageisntenough #ihavespanishflashcards

So some of the missionaries have a bet of when we will make it Mongolia! man they are ridiculous! haha some say 6 months some say 1 year! haha Heavenly Father knows and all I know is I am happy to be here!

At the New Port Beach Temple
 So Sister Baker and I's text signature is (bake-n-nett) hahah! we think we are clever! so yeah we are over here working like crazy it's great!

Well, gotta go harvest the field,
Sister Bennett (:

Monday, June 1, 2015

They Could Be Jesus' Daughters


So first full day in the field last Thursday WAS INSANE! At first I felt out of place because I wasn't in Mongolia but now I don't and I bet the palm trees help with that. BUT We got lost fifty bajjillion times, set off the fire alarm in our apartment, and went out proselyting?! WAIT YEAH IM A PROSYLYTING MISSIONARY NOW!!! But I have the best trainer, her name is Sister Baker and I remember thinking in the MTC how if I get a temporary reassignment that I want it to be to a small town, Sister Baker is my little bit of small town in California! SO IT'S JUST HER AND I READY TO CONCQUER NEWPORT. But we are both new to the area thus why we get lost so much! She's from Nephi, Utah! She is the most patient, kind sweetheart ever! We are trying to work insanely hard! She is a hard worker and I love it! We are over two wards a YSA ward and the Newport Hills Ward in Newport, California, ONE OF THE RICHEST CITIES IN THE WORLD. Colby Bryant lives in our ward boundries, :O you better believe we are gonna invite him to some church basketball sometime :P haha! and Marie Osmond's Son and a stink load more famous people live in the ward it's crazy. We also have an ipad and a car so different than what Mongolia would be!


We met a Spanish man the other day and asked if he wanted a book of Mormon. He then in a very Spanish accent said, "yes because sometimes my son goes astray". #dontletyoursongoastray

I have told wayyy too many people the language of my tag because everyone is confused. But a member we visited asked me to say the prayer in Mongolian. It was the most fluent prayer of my life! AHHH! I was so happy! so yeah I do have language study but sometimes its brief cause we've gotta go preach the gospel! Sister Baker has been a trouper and has learned a few words but I haven't used my Mongolian to another Mongolian yet #KeepingAnEyeOut

No word about my visa. (: #imnotworried

We taught the restoration in the park the other day to a Christian and her two little kids. SUPER COOL. Then afterwards the daughter said, "they could be Jesus' daughters". I'm glad I can represent Him even to a little girl

Have the missionaries over for dinner, WE ARE DESPERATE!!!! (: haha and have them teach lessons in the home that's the best!

Okay learning about the atonement was so cool this week! I learned from Korihor that: without the atonement THERE WOULD BE NO: blessings because we wouldn't be looked out from on high, there would be perpetual/unavoidable sin, there would be no point in faith/hope, and there would be no scriptures of prophets because there would be nothing to declare. WHOA!!!! the atonement is so powerful! We are blessed to know about it and especially when most the world doesn't and unfortunately even the Christian world!?

Things are great here, and I'm learning lots!
Sister Bennett (:
My MTC companions!


Working hard

Service project