Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I can do all things through Christ which stregtheneth me

Mongolia is Beautiful!  A view from my window.
Let's start with my "Ponderize" scripture of the week, it was "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". It was a good motivator for both my companion and I this week (:

Brother Francom, a senior couple missionary, spoke in our ward about the temple and he talked about being temple worthy and during his talk he changed the meaning of CTR from choose to the right to current temple recommend. And then ask are you prepared to go to the temple right now? It was good food for thought.

While waiting for investigators this week, I learned how to pray in mongolian sign language!!! SOO COOL. (: #ilovelearning

In the spirit of Halloween I have something scary to share: This week we ended up making 138 cookies for B's baptism! #scaryawesome (:

B's baptism
Can I just give a shoutout to you members, us missionary need you like peanut butter needs jelly! You are sooo important, this week we had B's baptism and B was brought to church by a member; not by our own finding! SO THANKS MEMBERS! #bringafriendtochurch #themissionarieswillloveYOU

OH AND IT'S WINTER! It rained during church for three hours and then all of a sudden started snowing, I learned the word for ice this week... #ahhhh! #itscooooold!

HERE'S two motivational stories from the week:

Yesturday I looked out the window and there I saw spiderman, fighting off bad guys all by himself, running through this little neighborhood in Mongolia. Spiderman was probably only five years old but I'm sure he was doing a pretty good job! What I learnined from this is sometimes you just gotta put on your spiderman suit, BE BRAVE and conquer those things maybe you dont want to (: #spiderman #savingtheworldfrominvisiblebadguys

A missionary who served in Arizona returned to Mongolia this week and he gave me some wise words of wisdom "Keep thinking, speaking and praying in Mongolian." Okay maybe this one only applies to me, but hey if you have a dream, work hard and go get it! (:

Have a great week! LOVE YA!
Sister Bennett 

Look closely!  This is art from a 3D museum!
Crazy Bus ride!

Fun pday at the 3D art museum!  Who wants a Book of Mormon?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


lets call this email

So I'm gonna run you through a normal day in Mongolia, pffft there are no normal days in Mongolia!
But today I'm going to tell this whole week as if it were one day, therefore all these stories didn't happen in one day (:

A day in a Mongolian missionary's shoes:
6:30 arise and shine!... but let's be real the sun doesn't get up till about 7:30ish :P 
7:00-8:00 THE FASTEST HOUR OF MY LIFE, this is where I decide whether to make and eat breakfast or do my hair, food usually wins. 
8:00-9:00 this is personal study and the best hour of the day, all I have to do is study and feel the spirit. Can't get much better than that. THIS MY DE-STRESS hour of the day!
9:00-10:00 Companion study, we prepare the lessons for the day and share the spiritual goodness we learned in personal study. 
10:00-11:00 Language study, My goal is to read The Book of Mormon in Mongolian all the way through! and then I also prep for the lessons of the day during this time. 
11:00-12:00 LUNCH!!! Yup this is also a very crucial part of the day, sometimes consists of grilled cheese sandwiches and rice! yum!
12:00-9:00pm here's where the crazy stories begin, and also where the miracles come from. The miracles don't come from sitting in the apartment! We gotta get up and do something about what we learned!
Today in Mongolia I took on the "Ponderize" challenge and I chose Joshua 1:9 as my scripture, "have I not commanded thee be strong and of a good courage be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord will be with thee whithersoever thou goest". This scripture seriously strenthened me all day (or all week) sometimes I just needed to remember to be strong, or to not be dismayed and lets be real when we are walking through a ger district and a dog comes out the fence to come and attack you like this today, that's when you've gotta remember... to be not afraid, unfortunately I didn't remember that in the moment, but after both my companion and I's fearfilled yells to tell him go to go away, it worked :P No, but really, take the ponderize challenge! #ponderizechallenge #blessing

Also today in Mongolia my companion had to remind me to put on my jacket by saying in the best English with a slight cute Mongolian accent, "it's not Las Vegas, it's Mongolia!" #ilovemycompanion #whyisitcold?

Today in Mongolia we were walking out of the church and inside the gate of the church lot, is a drunk man taking a sweet little nap, but I'm glad to know even drunk men can find peace on the grounds of the church #peaceful

Today we finish the lessons, for one of our investigators and his baptism is planned for this week WOO! and can we just talk about how his favorite English word is SELFIE #Baptism! #selfies

Well, all in all, over all the emotions of a day in Mongolia, at the end of the day things are good. Areas aren't the reasons why blessings come, we can be blessed wherever we are, when we are in the work of the Lord, He will strengthen us. 

...and then sometimes at the end of the day you've just gotta take a selfie to show you've made it through another beautiful day in Mongolia. #TodayinMongolia

Excited to be baptized "SELFIE"

Sister Bennett

Conference was AWESOME!

During General Conference there was a little girl who came over by the missionary table and stared at a cookie on the table so of course since she is stinking cute we gave it to her. A few moments later she came back again, so we gave her another cookie. She ended up coming back two more times and we gave her pretzels and chocolate raisins, and you would think this little girl would be full, but she came back again!! and this time she got some pretzels so she took the pretzels and broke them in half and went and gave them to Sister Peterson and Sister Wilkins and also to Doctor Lewis and Sister Lewis! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING TO WITNESS (: We gave and gave and gave and she knew it was her turn to give! #spreadingthepretzelLOVE

Listening to Conference

So what I have to say about this week is that CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME! (:
I loved it so much! So here's my sum up of conference:
Smile. Simplify. & Ponderize.
Moses wanted to give up but God didn't give up on Moses.
Earth has no amount of sorrow that heaven cannot cure.
Are you done crying? go get dressed and go to work!
Dont deliberately fly into a rainstorm.
We don't need to be perfect but we need to be good at getting better.
AND one of my favorites: from ELDER HOLLAND "no love comes closer to the love of the Savior than that love of a mother." and I WANTED TO GIVE MY MOMMA A SHOUTOUT. Because on a mission I've definitely lived off my momma's letter and the Savior's love. #LOVEYAMOM

Anyways those are just a few of the good stuff, gotta run! sorry for the shortness (:
Have a great week! and "hard can be good"!
Sister Bennett (:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This week was pretty simple

Waiting for a miracle.
We tried to meet with one of our investigators, we'll call him little B, he is a male so we have to have a member sit in on each of the lessons, so this Tuesday we planned to meet with him but our usual members were busy, so we started calling other people in the ward, I'm pretty sure we called people for an hour trying to find a female to sit in, but we couldn't.  But we didn't cancel the appointment, we prayed for a miracle, knowing we had tried our hardest and that God would fill in the rest. So we get to the church and meet up with little B, but the members that were in the church were going to institute so they couldn't sit it, so we waited and waited, for 20 minutes hoping with faith, that a miracle would happen, and then walks in the sisters from the Songino Ward!!! YES!! OUR MIRACLES ARRIVED! They had just been burned by an investigator so they decided to come the church. I'm glad they listened to the spirit and came to the church! and so of course we were able to have our lesson (: #miralceshappen

Another investigator we will call him eternal T, he's been an investigator for a while, but hasn't felt ready for baptism, but this week we taught him a lesson and we've felt he's coming closer to being ready, but as we were ending the lesson about General Conference and prophets. He said, "I want to be baptized" AHHHH!!! YES!!! I hope that desire will continue to grow and that he will feel that confirmed during general conference this weekend! and then that he can prepare himself! Being a missionary has its ups!

...and it has its downs, let's be real that's life! so this week I asked for a blessing because I was feeling stressed, and President Benson, talked to me for a bit. I'm grateful that even though my dad's not here to give me a blessing, that President Benson could give me a blessing and that I can still receive that same peace even though I am on the other side of the world. This gospel is great (:

I got flowers this week from the staff at my school! #teacherappreciationday!

My companion and I walked into a little store on Saturday and asked if they have this gum called "love is" and the lady said yes, so my companion asked to buy 3 or so but the lady said they only sell them in packs, so my companion was a little confused but said sure, and so she hands the lady her money and the lady whips out a pack of cigarettes! and my shocked companion explained that she wanted to buy gum not cigarettes (: #apparentlytheladyheardherwrong #WHOOPS

That was my week, good and bad but you just keep going, and eat a few cookies along the way that's always a good idea! HAVE A GREAT WEEK, cause that's what this week is going to be!!
Sister Bennett (:

At district meeting.  Thanks for the mustache stickers Andrew!

My companion and I
I think I spend more time on the bus then in my bed.