Monday, April 25, 2016

Little Answers to Prayers

While I was prepping for English on an exchange with a Mongolian sister missionary this week, she was doing a crossword puzzle and she couldn't figure out this one and why it wouldn't fix in the boxes. The riddle was "Something you wear instead of pants on a warm summer day"... "UNDERWEAR! But it doesn't fit in the boxes!!!", but once I explain to her what underwear was she understood that it wasn't the word underwear :P we both got a kick out of it (:

Wednesday we were waiting for new member this week for one of our lessons and these girls were playing volleyball, so I made some friends and played volleyball for a whole 10 minutes! (:

We met with investigator this week and went we went to her father's house and you could feel the complete difference and just could feel the spirit when going into his house it was too cool (: 

Yesterday we were going to meet at a member's house but I hadn't been to their house since about December. Then when we got to the right bus stop I couldn't remember which way to go, I said a little prayer in my head to be able to recognize the way when I saw it, as we walked to the left I felt like we should go right, so we went the other way and I started to get scared that I couldn't remember, we walked for another few minutes, and then we saw a building from the back and I recognized it immediately I still wasn't sure 100 % how to get there but I knew it was the building even though I hadn't seen it from the back before! #littleAnswerstoprayers

We taught a lesson on the restoration and watched the restoration video. After it was over I asked what everybody liked, The little boy I answered "I liked when Joseph Smith went to the grove and prayed and two missionaries came to him", and then his mom corrected him, "you mean God and Jesus Christ came right?" and he goes "oh yeah!" haha #ilikewhenmissionariescomeovertoo!

Yeah that was our week! #good days!

Sister Bennett (:
P-day = no food
Sister Guild and me

Mongolian sunset and me

Monday, April 18, 2016

Magnificent Mongolian missionary life!


So I pretty much have the best investigators and the best companion! What else could someone ask for right?! I could almost end my email right there. ha! but I wont. 

We got in a taxi on Tuesday and it was a mom and a little girl. The little girl turned around in her seat and kind of stared at us for a little bit. 
Then she asked "where are you from?" 
and we told her "how about you guess?" and she goes, "hmmm KOREA!"
"hmm China!" 
 "nope but we speak english"
That really stumped her. 
"You're from NOWHERE!"
"hahaha nope we are from America!"
It was too cute! (:

Then we asked this same 7 year old girl what her favorite color was and she said "I like blue!...but I don't like three colors. Do you want to know what those colors are?"
"I dont like white, red and Black! I don't like white because its the color of ghosts, I don't like red cause its in a lot of scary movies, and I don't like black because its the color of the Devil!" Her Mom and us all laughed! it was too cute! #cutegirlsintaxis

I made the best tsuivan this week!! Unfortunately I still cannot make the noodles... so we bought those from the store! :P

We met with an investigator and read the Book of Mormon with her before starting the lesson, and we read about Nephi building a boat. Then we taught the lesson on pray often and study the scriptures and she at the end of something asked if she could add something, and she added that we are all building a boat to get to heaven just like nephi was building a boat! And in order to build a good boat we have to read our scriptures and pray everyday! It was the best connection! #Buildingaboattogettoheaven

We also had an investigator tell us they read the Book of Mormon everyday this week!! That is a missionaries dream come true!

Funny moments in my English class:

We were singing what a wonderful world and theres a part where the song goes, "What their really saying is I love you." and one of my students said right after saying that said "oh me?!" (:

On of my English students is trying to start a trend for the shortening of Good Job to instead saying GJ! Catch the Gj trend!

Lastly theres a student who is 6 and I told the class to read this story with their partner but he didn't have a partner. So he started telling his imaginary partner! "Hey read!.... hey! read.... hey read!..." while pretending to push his imaginary partner! haha

Love them!

Here's the thing I learned this week everything works better when you just do what God would have you do! That's something I'll be learning for the rest of my life right?! But Really I love being a missionary! I wouldn't take this decision back for the world!

Sister Bennett

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Everyday can be Magnificent!

This week was good! Went on an exchange with Sister Olson! Man she is great and super smiley! It just reminded me of Elder Hollands talk "everyday can be magnificent" No but really that talk from Elder Holland spoke to my soul! I'm grateful that we have living prophets and apostles who gain revelation for us. (:

I also really loved President Monson's talk about choices! and how it matters which path we take because we know where our end goal is!

Had a lesson with our Mission president last night it was a little never racking at first but once I remember faith was the opposite of fear that went away and then it ended up being a great lesson! I feel like I learned just as much as the investigators! I'm pretty luck to have such a great mission president!

My companion tried buuz and tsuivan this week! YUM!
Finished the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission this week! (: I love that book (: and I also love being a missionary. It's really great and that opportunity to share the gospel with people so often is pretty great, I'm pretty lucky I have to say!


Yeah that was this week! Till next week have a magnificent week!

Sister Bennett

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


This week we were locked out of our apartment for 3 hours. Then a Man with a mullet came to save the day. He pretty much beat up our lock system, took it out and put a new one in. Thanks mullet man!

My companion and I love talking to taxi drivers especially the nice ones, we make a lot of friends! We were talking to a man in a taxi this week and he told us he broke up with his wife coming up on a month now and then he told us that because of that he had starting drinking. So I flat out told him "brother don't drink alcohol, it's bad stuff!" and let's be real we all know alcohol is bad stuff but He was super nice! I hope it all works out and that he stops drinking! (:

Shared a really cool lesson about The brother of Jared and how we can receive revelation with an investigator this week!  (:

This week I have been thoroughly complimented that my Mongolian has improved. Not sure if that's cause I talk more now, or if it really has improved :P But maybe its both right? :D

Sister Wilkins and I were on an exchange this week and we were trying to figure out where this investigator lives, his address was on the 24 gydamj or street in the ger districts. We find the 25th gydamj but going to the left it only was going up so we went the other way and there were no streets that way as far as we walked so we decided to ask this group of little old ladies and they pointed us back to the direction we just came and were telling us that the 24 gydamj was where the 26th gydamj was. but they led us over to the 26 th gydamj and we causally tried to talk to them and they told us their names were the grandmas! :P haha then we got closer and they sent us towards it. We had already checked and as we are pretty close we could see it said 26th so as we are almost there we ask a 17 year old girl (very slyly too cause these grandmas are walking behind us just only slower) and the 17 year old girl told us the same thing!! So since these grandmas were following us we just decided to walk all the way down the gydamj because we aren't sure how to tell them that it said 26th... haha (: we eventually found the 24th gydamj it was no where near where we were! :P

My companion shared a cool quote this week that said, "Live a life worth emulating." so yeah we should probably all do that! (:

Then taught plenty of English WOo! that was my week!
I hope you all learned something awesome at conference and that you apply all that goodness! We get to watch it this weekend! :D stoked and Yup that's all.

Sister Bennett (: