Wednesday, September 30, 2015


(haha I'll explain) This week was transfers, I'm again in Unur! and again have Sister Munkhzul for a companion! WOO! So I hit my 6 months mark this week and my companion only has 6 weeks till her mission ends, two different ends of the spectrum that's for sure! (: but we are going have to work stinking hard! but bring it on! (:

This week I learned how to say ITS SNOWING, yeah it SNOWED this week! Mongolia skipped fall and went straight from hot to cold! it was crazy! :O but my companion keeps saying this is fall, and I've already busted out the fleece tights and scarves. #lasvegasgirl #inmongolia

We had four investigators in sacrament this week!!!! WOOO! That's quadruple what we had the week before!! #rejoiceinthelittleblessings

My companion was trying to remember an English word that starts with T this week, and so she described when you use it and such but as I tried to think what the word might be, all I could have come to mind was MONGOLIAN WORDS! it was AWESOME! haha yeah we didn't ever figure out the word but hey my Mongolian is growing, and that's a miracle in itself, which I know God has helped me with (: #feelingGrateful

During my English class I went to go grab a marker from the other room, and I was jogging too fast, with no grip on the bottom of my shoes, and with my entire class watching, I biffed it. I pretty much slipped and almost died! (: then I had to pause and laugh at myself of course but I only share this because Sister Bennett still is clumsy don't not worry that has not changed (: #isurvived #withmywholeclasswatching

Saturday we were walking to our apartment and we see a tourist and I love talking to tourists they speak English! (: so we caught up with her but she was still faster than us. So with her walking away I see her backpack had a Canadian flag on it. YEAH THEN I REALLY NEEDED TO TALK TO HER! so I called out to her and said can I ask you a question and I asked if she was from Canada and where? We had a great little conversation. and she was seriously so sweet! She told me her name was Dana from British Columbia!  Can you get much better than Canada and Mongolia?! haha (: SO DANA from B.C. if  you ever read this, THANKS FOR MAKING MY DAY! #Mongolia&Canada #ilovethemboth

Well to finish it all off, what I'm grateful for at the end of the day is this gospel. I've realized that real happiness comes from living this gospel. If I had the money I could buy someone all the greatest gifts in the world but it wouldn't give them the lasting joy and peace from feeling the spirit and living this gospel. I know our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and that is why he gave us a wonderful plan of salvation. I love this Gospel! and I love Mongolia (:

Lately my companion keeps saying how much she needs "bailey" because bailey is gloves in Mongolian and I get a kick out of it every time :P Have a great week, and enjoy Conference this weekend, we will be watching it the following weekend so don't send spoilers (;
Sister Glove (:


Monday, September 21, 2015


This week we were fasting and we went to a  home and they offered us food and we decided to break our fast to be kind, and we were planning to break our fast after the appointment anyways. So there we are eating some juicy buuz. and as it's going down it's not feeling so great... but my companion downed them insanely fast!! Afterwards we are walking to our next appointment and I asked my companion why that food didn't make me feel so great, she pretty much said uhhhh you don't want to know or you'll throw up. SO I MADE HER TELL ME! haha (: YEAH WE ATE ANIMAL INSIDES, stomach, intestines, and any other organ you can think of, mashed up into ground beef like form and put inside buuz, MMMM (: haha and my companion said she downed them so fast because she swallowed it whole! she said if she chews it she will gag :P #dontask #justeat #AMIAMANYET?
This week we had dinner with a member and she made us awesome food! but even before going to her house she always reminded me of Grandma Holladay, her kindness, and her dedication to the church. She's an English teacher here and so she speaks with me in Mongolian and English and so I've adopted her as my Mongolian Grandma (: but nonetheless we get into her house after a long day we sit down and are talking and she just made me miss Grandma Holladay more and more! and then I look up and there are peacock feathers above her TV mantle and seriously I couldn't take it! I know God loves me and puts people in my path to show me that and I'm very grateful for that! #tendermercies
My Mongolian Grandma

A member told us a story this week that I thought was funny and that I should share it (:
In Mongolia anyone can potentially be taxi, so this member was driving and she stops because this man wanted a ride, so he gets in her car and she realized he was a little drunk after this conversation.
she starts off and says, "Where to?"
 he says, "My home"
so she replies "okay where's your home?"
he says, "it's in my fence"
"okay where's your fence?" she asked
"it's around my Home" he tells her. hahaha (:
Don't worry they found his home, #DontDrinkandTakeaTaxi

We were fasting this week like I said earlier and that day we had the most lessons in that day than any of the other days this week #fastingworks (:
Let's be real, testifying about families, MAKES YOU MISS YOUR FAMILY #shoutout #loveyoufam!
We made alfredo this week! and we smashed it with Mongolian fried veggies and meat! IT WAS MONGOLIA AND AMERICA IN ONE BOWL!! and it fit! #littlebitofheaven
My Mongolian American Alfredo
I learned Animal sounds this week!
Cow -Moo- uhmboo
Dog - ruff ruff- how how
Bird - tweet tweet - jeep jeep
sheep - baa - maa
rooster - cockadoodle doo - kukarikuu
and the best of all
Frog - ribbit ribbit - wok wok
#animalsinMongolia (:
Life is good, thanks for all the love! I'm feeling it! (: have an awesome week cause that's what I'm going to do!
Sister Bennett (:
Me and my companion isn't she cute!
One of the men we are teaching in front of his "sweet Russian" car.
We had a wonderful conference with Elder Wong of the Seventy and his wife (front row).  My mission President, President Benson and his wife are in the front row too.

Monday, September 14, 2015


So after one of my English classes one of my students came up to me and said, "I think you're a Mormon." I was so happy, he can tell I'm a Mormon even though both my companion and I can't wear our name tags while teaching. So because he asked  I am able to tell him that I am Mormon WHICH MADE ME SOO HAPPY so I did and he said he had been to our church before. Then the conversation ended. But as I kept thinking about it, maybe he just knew we were Mormon because we are missionaries and maybe cause we dress different than the normal person but I want others to know I'm a Mormon because of my actions, and words also. It also was a sign to me of how much people are watching. Are we being the kind of Mormon where someone could tell by our choices? #eye-opener #Imamormon 

We taught some newer members one was 11 and the other was 9. We asked them if they prayed this week and the little boy responded "yes I prayed everyday except Saturday because Saturday is a day to rest!" hahah! too funny and I understood it in Mongolian! #prayerisimportant #EVERYDAYevensaturday

I ate Raman BONE SOUP on Saturday. I'm grateful there were no visible bones #strangelyitwasgood

WE HAD AN INSANELY AWESOME CONFERENCE THIS WEEK! I wish I could share the whole thing but there's definitely not enough time haha (: But my favorite quote was "Jesus Christ came to pay a debt he didn't owe, because we owe a debt we cannot pay" -Elder Nelson "and the only way we can show our gratitude is by using the atonement and repenting daily. If we are repenting daily we wont fall away and our faith will grow!" I am grateful for the atonement and I want everyone to know how great a deed it really was. 

BEING A MISSIONARY IS GREAT! Believe me there are hard days but I choose to be happy cause I'm on the Lord's errand. (:
Sister Bennett

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God loves us ALOT!

This week I made far more phone calls than I would like to count but hey now it's not so scary? sort of haha (:
This week we played the name game, I listed English names and they said whether they were boy or girl names, so I said Tammy and they all said that it was a boy name so then I told then it was my mom's name! and they all laughed then I did Deon and they couldn't decide half said boy or girl! I told then it was both but it was my dad's name, TOO FUNNY (:
So we were walking by this little boy this week, and once he saw me he was staring at me with his mouth wide open and his eyes even wider, LIKE I'M FOREIGN OR SOMETHING :P haha I guess I am but anyways I said something to my companion in Mongolian and he tells his mom she speaks Mongolian, and kept staring, then I offered him a sticker cause thats my speciality! and he was even more in shock that I asked him in mongolian, so he picked a sticker and then he ran to catch up with him mom and he tripped and fell, but as his mom and scolding him to get up he was more concerned whether or not his sticker was alright holding his sticker like Rafiki held Simba. It was too cute! #lionking #littlebitofkindness
This week I successfully burned rice twice and made crytalized syrup? #notedible!
One of my favorite things from studies this week was really how much God loves us! He loves us ALOT! (:
My new companion
Sister Bolor this week said there are angels among us, fighting and proselyting as well, and I definitely got their help this week! (: #angelsamongus
Mongolia is beautiful!

Sista B (:

American food.  Thanks Ma!