Friday, April 24, 2015


To start off on Tuesday My companions and I tried to speak Mongolian all day but then we have a class that's with a teacher who only speaks English.  So we went from 6:30 am until 2:00 in the afternoon only speaking Mongolian, granted we were teaching one another the gospel that whole time since those are the only words we know, but it was still cool to see how far we've come!

Last Saturday we had TRC which is where real people come into the MTC and we teach them lessons, in Mongolian. This last week we taught about prayer and he was already a member so we shared a scripture on prayer and sister Hartley decided to share a scripture right below about praying with families and then because of that we invited him to pray with his family. Then afterwards our teacher does an evaluation with them and he said he was really touched by us mentioning that and that he now is going to pray with him family tonight because we invited him to do that. It was very cool. The spirit definitely guided that lesson because that was not our previous plan to read and invite him to do that. He definitely knows better that we do.

I saw Mckay! Or Elder Bleak! I knew him at BYUI first semester, so that was happy, he's headed to the motherland, Edmonton, Alberta speaking Spanish! So I'll send pictures of that.
Elder Bleak and Elder Chamberlain going Spanish speaking to CANADA???
PRAYERS WORK! On Tuesday we were in the bathroom and a sister comes into the bathroom with her companion crying, so we asked her what was wrong and she had gotten reassigned from Portugal to California because her visa didn't go through. So then we prayed for her the next few days and ran into her in the bathroom again on Thursday and she said she was doing better but was still feeling a bit bummed. Then literally an hour later at dinner we see her and she comes up and is just so happy! She said her district leader just told her that her visa went through and that she would be going to Portugal after all!! Prayers are answered! The best thing about that experience is that Heavenly Father knew that was going to happen all along! BUT he puts people and obstacles in our way in order to give us opportunities to turn to Him. Then He can bless us us with more faith, greater testimonies and even with a visa to go to Portugal. #PrayersAreReal

Oh , we also learned this week that apparently of the languages taught in the MTC that Mongolian is the second hardest, with Icelandic being the hardest, so no pressure or anything!!! 

You know you're a missionary when 6:30 is sleeping in. #RealLife
Have a great week! And Say your prayers because He IS listening!

Sister Bennett
A few more tidbits from Bailey's companion Sister Hartley's weekly email...
"We started English Teaching training this week!!! did you know... MONGOLIA IS THE ONLY MISSION that does this extensive training in english teaching??? by the end i will be a legit real live certified english as a foreign language teacher. WOAH RIGHT?!
I think we find out who our sponsors will be this week. We get sponsors to work with in Mongolia and that is the reason why we get to even be in the country.  Other missions teach english as a service project. I will actually have a class and students I see and prepare lessons for EVERY DAY. Crazy huh? I love this service mission dealio.  I cannot wait. I dream and pray for my future students often. This is such a great way to do missionary work cause we get to help teach them english giving the Mongolian people a better chance at a brighter future. I am so happy my heart is LITERALLY FILLED WITH LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR THE OPPORTUNITY I HAVE!"
and a bit of history, again from Sister Hartley...

"When the misson (in Mongolia) first opened, on the list of things to bring used to be 2 big rolls of duct tape..... want to know why? because missionaries used to LIVE in gers..... i'm grateful i dont have to."
Traditional Mongolian ger

Sister Bennett, Sister Wilkins and Sister Hartley

This is what a stressful email hour looks like.

Friday, April 17, 2015

May the Force be with you!


So this week Sister Largin (My Mongolian teacher) was showing us pictures of the dogs they have in Mongolia. They are called Tibetan Mastiffs and they are SCARY! go look them up.

I saw Mikaela for the last time on Sunday because Monday morning she went to Thailand! CRAZY!

On Sunday we had our Sunday walk and I was studying my Mongolian flashcards. I set them down because my companions wanted to take a picture so I put my flashcards on a temple bench. Then all of a sudden a gust of wind picks up all my flashcards and they were all of a sudden in the air fluttering away. I felt like I was in a Pocahontas movie and my flashcards were being summoned for the song colors of the wind!! As they were flying away all the elders and sisters who saw it happen just watched them as they just kept getting higher. Elder Privado (in our district) said, "wow that's so beautiful" because he thought it was flower petal but nope there goes my flashcards. and there goes my Mongolian. #idontknowmongolian on the plus side I saved 6 of my 30 flashcards that flew away.

One thing we learned this week was that no matter how small a testimony that it doesn't make it any less of a testimony. but that we ought to keep progressing it and helping it to grow.

Speaking Mongolian makes me feel like Yoda, 
for example in English:
I read scriptures.
in Mongolian:
I scriptures read. 
Verbs always go last, just like YODA!

With our Mongolian investigators we are only allowed to bring in a note card of Mongolian words. we aren't allowed to write sentences on it either! It's crazy but you can feel the spirit so strong in our Mongolian lessons even though our language is very simple. It's very cool.

I love priesthood blessings! Sister Hartley received one yesterday. I love how it made an impact on all of us. I felt so happy afterwards. Blessings are so great.

So on Sunday we were called to be sister training leaders, my companions and another sister and I. Yay for fun callings!

Well, have a great week and keep progressing in the Gospel because that's what our Heavenly Father wants, is us continually improving. 

Sister Bennett

Being silly

our favorite solo missionary (: elder mulder

majestically looking off into the distance (: #nailedit (our mongolian districts)


"Will you be baptized?"

Friday, April 10, 2015


HELLO from the MTC,

The map!

I am still alive don't worry! (: but General Conference  was pretty good this weekend! HUH? One thing I loved was how much about families it was, I really enjoyed the metaphor Elder Andersen used about music. That we can learn to dance but you have to hear the music. I also really loved the quote by Elder Renlund, that God cares more about what we are becoming than what we were. Just keep moving forward! but it was super awesome when they announced the new temples and when they announced Thailand all the missionaries going there screamed and cheered! I'm sure Mikaela was one of those! haha

Sister Anderson (Mikaela) and I, she has been called to serve in 
Thailand, Bangkok Mission

Well, apparently this week we learned, I snore (thanks for telling me Stephanie :P haha) and  that Sister Wilkins talks in her sleep. So last night I hear Sister WIlkins mumble a little and then she says Nephi and then she mumbles some more. haha!! #TrueMissionaryRightThere

Well, unfortunately, on Sunday morning we lost a brother. Elder Disney went home and on Saturday when he told us we were so sad, we walked back to the apartment in silence... We miss him and pray for him! because Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Good Luck Elder Disney!

Here's our Mongolian Slip up of the week:
All four of us were teaching our investigator this week about the aonement. Sister Wilkins was explaining about how we all sin but that we can repent through the atonment, but instead of saying, "I sin, you sin, we all sin." She said, " I am sin, you are sin, we are all sin." WHOOPS! then Elder Mulder tried to correct her since, our investigator seemed confused, so he said, "sin is the same as mistakes." so we taught our investogator that we are all mistakes! The church is still true! #MongolianMishaps

MA, MY BLOW DRYER WORKS!!... maybe too well.
So I'm sitting on the floor reviewing flashcards and blow drying my hair, and smell burning. I think it's weird but keep blow drying my hair. The smell gets stronger! and I look at my hair and I burned SOME CHUNKS OF MY HAIR OFF!!! The rest of the day I kept having bits of hair fallout! People probably thought I was shedding or something. Don't worry #imnotbald
 What used to be my hair!

Vocal Point came on Sunday night, that was the first time I had heard music besides singing hymns. They also shared some mission experiences, they also sang Seize The Day! from Newsies which I thought was very appropiate maybe not for Sunday. Shoutout to Pat for always telling me to seize the day! #ilovemusic

So as you were curious how my companionship is going, the other night Sister Wilkins goes "Sisters we don't have enough problems, do we have any problems?" haha So I would say we get along pretty well!

Yesterday, we had an English fast in our Mongolian class, it was so hard but super awesome. I love how when we are speaking Mongolian and bearing testimony of what we know you can feel the spirit even though our words are so simple.

Well that's been my week, always crazy, but always good, SO SEIZE THE DAY!

Love ya,
Sister Bennett

All the sister going to Mongolia!
My companions might have a little too much fun!
Awkward mission photo with Elder Robbins (Colby) he's going to Taiwan.
With Sister Anderson and Elder Robbins!  (Roommate and friend from BYUI)
It snowed Wednesday!

Friday, April 3, 2015


Well let's start with my Disney moment of the week. Last Saturday we were going to class and we were going down the stairs and my shoe decides to pull a Cinderella and fly off my foot! Somehow I end up biffing it, and next thing I know I'm at the bottom of the stairs with no shoes on! There wasn't even ice like there would be in Mongolia... at least it doesn't hurt to sit anymore (: haha #didntrealizeiwasCinderella

YOU can call me Sister Bennae!
Long story: We met a Mongolian sister and she pronounced my name Bennettae and so i jokingly mentioned it to our branch presidency first councilor. Then it got relayed to the Branch president who thought I had said Bennae! Now he calls me sister Bennae #newname #theGameofTelephoneisBad
The Mongolian Sister is the one making the peace sign.

So on Wednesday we go into our Mongolian class and Sister Largin in Mongolian starts explaining that since she lives far away she wont be teaching at the MTC anymore!!! We all were so sad AFTER 5 minutes of figuring out what she saying in Mongolian and then in English she said, April Fools!!! She's the cutest, I love her!

Our investigator is Althteengerith and we've taught her about the restoration and prayer and a breief overview of the plan of salvation. In a lesson the other day we invited her to be baptized but she wanted to know what it was so during the lesson we got up and showed her and she was reinacting baptism with my other companion and explaining that you go under the water. But in stead of saying the word for water, she said the word for hair and so we described that you'd be immersed by hair!... whoops! we did fix the word during the lesson and the investigator understood much better after
that! (:
Me and my companions.

We tried Mongolian candy yesterday and it was curdled goat and horse milk. It was like eating a brick that smells and tastes like a barn! Mmm! #mynewfavorite at least the ones in Mongolia will have goat and horse hair in them #addedbonus haha (:

On the spiritual side of thing we had a devotional on Sunday about Ammon and how he was offered his father's kingdom and how he wanted to serve the Lord but then how Lamoni also offered him his daughter to wife. He could have had that land as well!!! but instead he wanted to serve and just be a missionary! I want to be like Ammon, and during this devotional I had a strong reassuring impression that I am where I need to be! #ilovebeingamissionary

Well have a great week! Love ya!

Sister Bennae! (:
 Sister Wilkins, Sister Hartley and I at the end of the first day in the MTC, we survived - barely.

 My companions and I at the Provo Temple.

 My name tag!

 Our name tags!!

The missionaries going to Mongolia -minus two sisters.

A few pictures from the day I entered the MTC

At Grandma's house right before I went to the Missionary Training Center.
 At the MTC with my host who has been called to serve in Japan.
 The whole family.
Off to serve the Lord!