Sunday, May 24, 2015

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your LIFE

Well this week Sister Wilkins and I received travel plans, Our little trio went down to the mail to pick up packages that they had received and just down the hall we hear, "...sisters..." very solemnly are three elders, who do not want to make eye contact with us, and in their hands are the paper that were going to determine Sister Wilkins and I's DESTINY! well almost. (: I run and grab the papers and read IRVINE CALIFORNIA! I WAS BEYOND EXCITED!!!! and the Elders were so confused, but then I attacked Sister Wilkins with a hug we both would be going to the same place for a temporary visa assignment! AND ITS PROSELYTING!!!! WOOO!!! I can honestly say one thing, the only reason I was so excited was because of the many prayers of patience, praying for our visa and even English fasting that we would receive something. That something even though not our visas yet was flight plans to go preach the Gospel, Its not about WHERE. Its just about PREACHING THE GOOD NEWS! and I get to go do that in California for a bit! (:

So I'm pretty sure in the MTC we've created our own Mongolian language and I'm pretty sure its not MONGOLIAN.
The trio

Well shout out to Grandma for sending treats!! #THANKSGRANDMA 

So this week we taught at the BYU English Learning Center and it was super fun. We were there from 8 am to Noon everyday and now we are certified English teachers. Our first lesson was on families and our second class was on Verbs and what are you doing questions. I firmly believe the only reason they went actually pretty well is because we started the classes with a prayer. PRAYER IS AMAZING. There has been so many times where I've lost my name tag or notebook and every time I've prayed I've found it very soon after. #prayerworks
Also at the ELC we were observing an English class and Sister Hartley introduces herself and says shes from IOWA and the students ask her where that's at? So she draws the U.S. on the board and draws Iowa. One of the students asks her if its just a two hour drive away and she said  "well its more like 18." then it was my turn I get up and introduce myself and say I'm from Vegas and then I go to draw on the board where that is but IMMEDIATELY the entire class says, "OHHHH!!!" hahah and then they start partying with their hands. I think they know what Vegas is :P haha (: #Vegasshoutout
At the BYU English Learning Center

Today is our Mongolian investigators Baptism!!!! Her name is Althteengerith. CONGRATS. BYERHORGEE. (which also means congrats)

FAVORITE QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "change your thoughts, change your LIFE." -Mama Wilkins Sometimes we dont have control of the things going on around you, but we certainly have control over our thoughts. If we are positive and see the bright side of things, then there really will be a bright side! (: #BeHappyYall #MamaWilkins

I love the MTC and am sad to say BYE but I've got to go preach the good word. (:
Ready to go
Till next time,
Sister Bennett (:

Lunch at the MTC


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Slight Change of Plans

So got my flight plans to THE CALIFORNIA, IRVINE MISSION!  #AHHHHHH!! #WOO (: temporary reassignment, BUT SISTER WILKINS AND I are SOOO STINKIN excited!!! (we both were called there) We will be flying out on Tuesday WICKED EARLY in the morning! but I'm just soo happy to have plans, prayers are answered! (: #cantwaittogoserve
Our visas should be here in about a week or so we were told! SO in the meantime I will be converting those at Disneyland. #comingforyouMickeyMouse

that is all. (:
God has a plan.
Love you!
-Sister Bennett

Friday, May 15, 2015

Go Spread Some Joy!

This week Sister Hartley lost all her pamphlets and Elder Mulder said she should look in sister Wilkin's desk. He lost something the week before and mysteriously found it in her desk  for some ODD reason! He calls her the desk the BLACK HOLE! So Sister Hartley goes to look for her pamphlets Sister Wilkins is insisting they aren't in her desk. So we pull out Sister Wilkin's pamphlet and she ended up having 29 PAMPLETS IN HER DESK! hers, Sister Hartley's and some more random ones from the rest of US!!!! Either Sister Wilkins loves pamphlets (which could be true because as missionaries those things are golden!) OR her desk really is a black hole! so if you've ever lost anything, LET ME KNOW, its probably in her desk, so i can look for it for ya! #funnymoments #WELOVEPAMPHLETS

so there is this Tongan sister on our floor in our residence hall whom we love.When she teases with us she always lets us know she is kidding but instead of saying "just kidding" she says "just killing". I'm pretty sure that's against our religion?!?!?! #justkilling #shoutouttoSISTERTAHAFE
"Just killing" Sister Tahafe

SHOUTOUT TO MY POPS!! happy birthday yesterday dad! LOVE YOU!

So my eyes have been opened in the world of Canadian chips!!Sister Harker's wonderful Canadian grandparents sent her some Canadian treats and ketchup chips! which I have had before BUT these ones were BAKED ketchup chips! can I get a HALLELUIAH!! #ilovecanada #themotherland@itsfinest
Sister Harker and I with Old Dutch Baked Ketchup chips and Smarties!

There was a wicked cool devotional on Tuesday about technology and it is used to spread the good news! So the video from Christmas "He is the gift" over 28 days received 33,000,000 views!? SAY WHAT?! and what's even more cool is that 134,000 people requested the missionaries online to come over because of the video! SOO COOL! 
The next thing he talked about was being transparent with our devices. Whether our next device is a ipad on the mish or a phone when we get home. But what he went on to say was "would we feel comfortable handing our devices over to President Monson?" How can we be better? She we delete an app or two? Change a wallpaper? Change our language? Whatever it is DO IT! Its a new day and he then explained the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and how the put their weapons of rebellion down and buried them deep in the ground. We can use this technology for both good and bad but how can we use them for the better? Perhaps sending a kind text, reading a conference talk, post an uplifting thought on the Facebook? Whatever it is DO THAT! SPREAD THE LOVE OF THE GOSPEL. (if you had something you should do or someone who needs some uplifting? its spirit so you should probably listen!) #technologyisgood

Yesterday we left the mtc for a whole 4 hours! we went to BYU's English learning center. We observed English as a foreign language classes. this is a part of training to become certified English teachers in Mongolia! SO on Monday we are going there again but will be teaching a class!! wish us luck #imexcited #ihaveaprettysweetmissioncall
Field Trip!

On our way to the BYU English Learning Center

Brother Nelson was commenting on my note taking the other day and how I put things in rows or with stars by it or underlined! I might just get a little excited and write lots down, YOU GET THE IDEA, anyways then the other day he said. "Sister Bennett that's the most ORIGINAL note taking I've ever seen, I mean you have 'What Would Jesus Do' in a CLOUD!" #cloudsaregoodforemphasis #WWJD? #hewouldputitinacloud

So No news about Sister Wilkins and my visas, but everyone else will be leaving the 26th now in order for us to finish our certification. So we will have to see, we may receive temporary reassignments? But today we are doing an English fast for our visas! WOO! #itsontheLordstime 

Two favorite quotes of the week:

Pray as if everything relies on the LORD, Work as if everything depends on you.

He who finds himself thankful in all things is he who will find himself exalted on the right hand of God. -Joseph Smith

Sister Bennett (:
Look at us we match!

The Sisters headed to Mongolia.

This is Marshall, we do service every Thursday morning with him.

Friday, May 8, 2015

15 DAYS LEFT?! I don't know Mongolian!

THE COUNTDOWN IS SOO REAL. How long have I even been here?
15 DAYS LEFT?! I don't know Mongolian! "Sharp rocks at the bottom? MOST LIKELY. Bring it on."

We had an evaluation yesterday in Mongolian by someone who doesn't teach the classes here. He just spoke to us to see how fluent we are and to see if WE ARE MAKING ANY SENSE. and I was able to tell him I like to play volleyball, I could teach him the gospel and bear my testimony that's all I need to know right? RIGHT? 

You know your a missionary when you reference Sunday clothes (a dress or skirt) as normal clothes now... #itsgottome

So Sister Wilkins and I perhaps get in some extra gym time while sister Hartley is in the shower. And by gym time I mean wresting, this week Sister Wilkins and I weren't messing. Let me me help you imagine what this looks like, two white girls putting one another in headlocks while speaking broken Mongolian and it always ends up in us DYING on the floor laughing. Which is the ab workout part of it all, I may or may not have 3 BRUISES from these extra gym sessions we do :P 

This week we have been focusing on the core belief of this gospel which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is Faith, repentance, baptism and receiving the holy ghost and enduring to the end. WHICH IS A LIFE LONG CONTINUOUS PROCESS. We don't get baptized again but I would say we do recommit to follow the Savior and should be doing that continuously as we strive to be more like him and to overcome our weaknesses. I love that as long as you are continually doing those things you can't go wrong? BUT HOW do you do those things? By reading your scriptures and saying your prayers with sincerity!Heavenly father wants to help us and he can when we are doing our part!

The Prime Minister of Taiwan said "the only people who speak Chinese are Chinese people, us and the Mormon missionaries". It's the same in Mongolia, Mongolian is only spoken in MONGOLIA. The government knows this and that's why we are to speak English with our sponsors and our classes. So just an interesting thought how different my mission is, this week we are finishing our certification to teach English as a second language. WOO! #teachingthegospelorteachingenglishsamething


A cute story from Sister Hartley's weekly email...

Sister Anthony is this beautiful beautiful black sister from England. She is really tall and just ELEGANTTTT. We saw her and sister Wilkins ask her how she's doing. This was her response..... Read it will a beautiful English accent that sounds super proper and pretty. 
"I'm gonna die here. Everything is too big. Its all too fat. Its too salty and there is not enough exercise time. I cannot zip anything up anymore. I'm going to DIE in here!" 
-Sister Anthony. 
"well I'll come to your funeral." 
-Sister Wilkins. 
"Well it is going to be SOON." 
-Sister Anthony. 
  ahahha we love her.

Walking to the Temple.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Blessings are real and God is great!

Well these weeks fly by in the MTC!

We (Sister Hartley and I) were teaching our investigators in Mongolian, a wonderful lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end sister Hartley was bearing her testimony. She thought she was saying I know God loves you. BUT as soon as she said it our investigator laughed! and we weren't sure what Sister Hartley said and Afterwards we learn she said "I'm begging that God loves you" #Goddoesloveyou
IN another Lesson we were reviewing the Plan of Salvation with our investigator, we started off with a prayer of course and then I start explaining that "Today we will be reviewing the Plan of Salvation" but instead I said "Today we will be receiving revelation on the Plan of Salvation to you as we speak." #imnotaprophet
Last Saturday we were practicing our Mongolian song because we were going to sing on Sunday in Mongolian all the Mongolian missionaries and Sister Enkbat, who is from Mongolia. Anyways Sister Westover opened our practice with a prayer in Mongolian. after the prayer Sister Enkbat was laughing. Sister Westover had tried to ask for help that we would sing well but instead Sister Enkbat told her that she had asked that we would lick well. WHOOPS!! I would definitely rather sing well instead of lick in front of a congregation... #weirdmentalimage
End of Mongolian mishaps (:

So on Tuesday we had a district meeting which is all of us missionaries who are going to Mongolia and we spent a bit of time going around the room saying a strength/compliment about one another in one or two words. Shout out to Elder Mcham because he said I was the Mongolian keystone (of us missionaries of course). I AM SISTER BENNETT, missionary, friend AND KEYSTONE OF THE MONGOLIANS. #prettyepic

One of our New sisters this week is from China. ACTUAL MAINLAND CHINA! Her mom traveled to Hong Kong and heard about the gospel there was baptized and came back and taught her daughter. This sister and her mom would attend church in secret in the small town she was from. A small group of people would meet together to hold church! HOW CRAZY INSPIRING! as Americans we have religious freedom and don't have to worry about being caught and arrested for holding church. FIRST OF ALL, aren't we blessed? and all the more reason to seize that opportunity. SECOND OF ALL, if it was against the law would our testimonies be strong enough to still be members of this wonderful gospel? I would hope so! #moderndaypioneers #thisgospelistrue #thegospelwillbespreadtoeverynation

In Mongolian they don't have last names so instead the children's last name is their father's first name, So in Mongolia my name would essentially mean Deon's Bailey. #shoutouttodad

Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and a bit rebellious, for dinner I will go and get a bowl of lucky charms and I will ONLY eat the marshmallows. I think that it somehow makes everything better! #sorryma #thatsprobablyyourworstnightmare

So we asked Sister Enkbat to write us a note for the future in Mongolian. So then we could read it later when we understand Mongolian better. But after we said that to her in a serious tone she said, "I'M NOT A PROPHET" #shegotlostintranslation #iknowhowshefeels #sheisthecutest

Us with Sister Enkbat

Spiritual thought of the day:
Elder Mulder pointed out in class that when we partake of the sacrament its our opportunity to partake of the sacrament as if we were in Christs time. SUPER COOL.
When we attend church is our opportunity to be enlightened by the spirit and receive revelation for ourselves. So in class we talked about D&C 59:9 GO READ IT. and think about the importance of church attendance. Then I want to challenge you to think about a Christ-like attribute and how you can work on that in your life OR a question, whether gospel related or life related, for SUNDAY! Study it and prepare to receive revelation! Think about it at church too, its the perfect place for us to receive revelation. You'll learn something new through the spirit and be enlighten if you are trying with real intent. 
Pray like it depends on the lord, work like it depends on you.

I love my companions we get along so well and even though we can be sassy and fun, we still can be serious when we need to get to work. Lets be real missionary work is all work! haha

The other day I was singing a song and thought it was a pop song because it was so good! haha Then when I got the the chorus I realized I was singing a hymn the whole time! #hymnsaregoodstuff #missionarystruggles

Blessings are real and God is great! Notice his hand in your life cause it's definitely there. Have a pretty swell week!

Sister Bennett (:
Our Branch President sent us cookies.

Pretending to take a Mongolain like picture (arms awkwardly at our sides)

Us playing a Mongolian horse race game with ankle bones.

YAY FOR TWO FLAGS! Now all I need to get is a Mongolian one!

All the sisters in our branch.