Sunday, July 31, 2016

Well I can cross that off my list of "now I've eaten that."

 From July 17th
Mongolia is beautiful!
Monday and Tuesday were a blur :P we prepped for zone training.

! had zone training and then We went over to a member to make huushuur for Naadam and our investigator was there. So we talked about what she had read from the pamphlet and learned about prophets over making huushur #onlyinMongolia (: then we all sat down and were eating and the member a returned missionary (who served in the neighboring ward when i was in Unur) offered us horhog. SO I ATE HORHOG for the first time!  that was yummy (just some really famous way of cooking meat). Then she offered us this really weird looking piece that was off the bone. we asked her what it was all she said is its really good for your body :P Sister Hartley downed it like a champ! I looked at it for just too long that it was a little harder to eat. then We asked what it was and our investigators points to her nose and signals like snot and says a new word and we both interpreted it as like snot! and we were like ew!! gross!! and they got a kick out of that! :P but apparently what it really was, was bone marrow. well I can cross that off my list of now I've eaten that :P haha 

Making Huushuur

Thursday We went to met with a new investigator family that we received as a referral!! It was so exciting!! (: and then we figured out he doesn't live in our area!... so we passed them to the missionaries in their area. So we were on our way home to do big plan. On our way we were talking about how they translated chinggis xaana to ghenggis khaan and how we think they should have translated it so English speaker wouldn't read it sooo awfully wrong :P and then this little boy with his dad purposefully walks right in front of us looking at our hands to hand us flowers each, that he had already picked. It was soo cute!! Little blessings from heaven! (:

 Everyone was able to meet with us on Saturday and we had four solid lessons!! It was great!! I'm grateful to teach the gospel all the time . We also counted how many times we had prayed that day it was 23. We pray A LOT! But I'm grateful for it! It always helps my companion and I focus better. Prayer is amazing! (:

Anyway life is good! (: I've also been better at journaling this week, So if your not journaling I would recommend it (: 
Sister Bennett (:


Baptism of a young girl in our ward.

Good lessons, good people and good personal study!

Email from July 24th

We taught faith this week, and our member mentioned that sometimes we think following the law is hard but that not following the law is even harder :P haha

One thing I've really noticed lately is how different all of Gods children are. We all learn differently but God works with the ways that we learn to help us the most! It's so cool!

Quote of the week: "your actions are a reflection of your inner conversion" 
So to go with that quote I was reading in the Book of Mormon this week from Abinadi and he mentioned that wicked King Noah and his priests hadn't "applied (their) hearts to understanding". Therefore their actions didn't show it in the slightest. In other words they weren't converted. Then I read a talk from last general conference that talked about getting it from our heads to our hearts in order to achieve true conversion. Then she mentioned some ways to true conversion through searching the scriptures, earnest prayer, service, temple attendance, and faithful fulfillment of responsibilities. (Do I Believe? Bonnie Oscarson) Then I read a scripture about the judgement day  "For behold, in my name are they called; and if they know me they shall come forth, and shall have place eternally at my right hand. 25 And it shall come to pass that when the second trump shall sound then shall they that never knew me come forth and shall stand before me. 26 And then shall they know that am the Lord their God, that am their Redeemer; but they would not be redeemed. 27 And then will confess unto them that never knew them; and they shall depart into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels." (Mosiah 26) and as I was thinking about that scripture there will only be two kind of people at that last day, those who were converted in their hearts and really came to know their Savior and those who didn't. So that's why conversion and daily scripture study and prayer and temple attendance, repentance and all those primary answers are soo important but the most important part I think is the sincerity behind it too. Anyways that's pretty much a smash up of my thoughts and personal study this week. (: .

OH AND I LOVE MONGOLIAN! I probably would have Never thought i would have said that. Don't get me wrong its still hard but i still love it! (: 

So that was my week . It was filled with good lessons! Good people and some good personal studies!! (: Life is pretty great!

Sister Bennett (:
P-day visit to the museum.

Rainy days

more rain

Ta Da!

We made pizza!


Friday, July 22, 2016


 Happy Naadam festival! 

I ate one huushur practically for breakfast and one for lunch and I feel like that was insufficient!! haha

We bought tickets for today's events and they gave us the tickets also for the next day of events which we wouldn't be attending an we saw somebody about to buy tickets and we just gave them our it was awesome! Saving someone a little bit of money! (: an lets be real good deeds just make you feel good! (:

I held a huge bird on my arm!! (: #prettysweet! I also bough lots of souvenirs! :D

me and a huge bird- he's heavy!

We met with a new investigator this past week and it was great I feel like she was super prepared!! yay for little blessings from heaven (:

So since its Naadam this week I don't teach English!! :O Time to fill that time with some really good lessons!! (: 

In between my English class we went to get a drink from the store and as we got into line to pay I told my companion "hey I should have grabbed deodorant too" (i was running low on deodorant) but the lines we long an we didn't want to be late and my companion goes and grabs my drink and says "i can wait here and i think the isle for deodorant is over there" as she points to a location that would have been out of sight!! and i replied "i cant go get it you wont be able to see me!" She had forgotten we were missionaries because she said i just thought i was hanging out with a friend teaching English haha!! (: First of all we have been missionaries for a year and 3 months now :P haha and 2nd she pretty much is a great companion!! (: 

Life is pretty good! Gotta run! I'm probably gonna go home and make my companion make us some more huushur! :D
Sister Bennett

New mission president, "What beautiful dresses and what ugly shoes!"
These shoes have traveled many miles in the service of the Lord!  
me and the big bird!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Learning from the spirit is the best!

July 3, 2016
My area

 I'm not really sure what happened this week!

But I've realized if you want something you have to decide to do the things that will help you get that! I've been trying trying to make my personal study more effective and feel like I learned from the spirit. In order to do that I have to go in with a purpose and ready to write anything down that I learn. and same with making my time effective, sometimes in order to accomplish what you need to you gotta go fast haha (:

NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!! President Harper held a mini conference for us and the thing I enjoyed the most was the part where they mentioned preparing for the sacrament and being early for church to listen to the music and bring the spirit in  our hearts. So Sister Hartley and I went and made sure the music was playing and it was really nice to listen to the music and prepare for the sacrament mentally. 

I also like this scripture this week from Mosiah 5 where it talks about being called Christ's, and then I thought about how we all get names when we are little and how it takes us a long time to recognize and respond to them, but in order to have Christ's name we have to act as he would so others will recognize us and so we recognize ourselves as His too! (:

Anyways, learning from the spirit is the best and I'm really grateful for it! and That was my week!! (:


One of our ward missionaries
our church building
Solongoo coming with us as a member to a lesson 
Personal study just like the MTC

Tori!  No! Don't get married without me!

Best graffiti ever!


June 26, 2016

GUESS WHAT THE TRANSFER BROUGHT!! By the title of this email you might be able to tell I am still in Sansar (outer space is the translation). I have been in Sansar for 8 months and by the end of this transfer it will be 10 months!! (this transfer is 2 months long) 

Now for my companion.....*Drum roll*...... SISTER HARTLEY!!!!! ONE OF MY MTC COMPANIONS!!!! can we get holla!! HOLLA!! (: #stoked!!

Lets rewind to Tuesday of last week so Sister Guild and I were with our investigator going to a members house. I could remember all of the members address BUT I CAN NEVER REMEMBER THE FLOOR PEOPLE LIVE ON!? So Sister guild always remembers it but she had only been to this members house 1 time before so we both thought it was floor 6 I think and then we went and knocked and our investigator said "what if this is wrong?" and I said "then we run" and we knocked again on the door and sister guild pointed to our investigator and said, "bi nadaas iluu huurdan guej chadna" which translates to mean I can run faster than myself!! when she meant to say I can run faster than you. It was too funny. we all got a good laugh! (: 

We had a less active call us up this week and told us she wanted to meet!! So you cant say NO to that!! (: #yay

One of my student last week were doing a dialog and they always make sure to tell me when they are done and they yell FINISHED! or DONE! but after that i also tell them create their own based off of the dialog and then So this one boy went to yell finished but he said "FINI-" and then he said to his partner "create our own". I've got them soo trained they know exactly what I will say next haha!! (:

So I just hit my 1 year and 3 months mark on Saturday but where ever I tell members I've been a missionary for that long I feel like I'm lying to them. Just because I don't feel like its been that long!!

President Benson had a farewell fireside and he mentioned that sometimes we feel like miracles are the ones that happen instantly. If he were to plant a seed and it were to instantly grow we would all think that is a miracle but then he mentioned sometimes the greatest miracles need time. But that doesn't mean it is any less of a miracle. Also that we each have our own miracles and conversion stories. He shared the story where on his mission, Him and his companion went to church early at 8 to set up the chairs for church.  Then a new member walked in super early. President Benson asked him why he was early. He was a poor man who worked in the countryside and mentioned he didn't own a watch so the man because he didn't want to be late he had gotten up early according to the sun and had walked from the countryside to the church!!! HE WALKED!!!! He sacrificed and we all have sacrifice stories similar to this, but I'm grateful to be serving here among some great miracles.

We had two miracles get baptized yesterday! I was very grateful to be apart of it. The one we had taught since February! She has grown so much! But her mother was baptized 18 years ago by President Benson and her mother was pregnant with her then, So it was her second time getting baptized haha! just kidding and the other one she moved from another ward and had received the lessons twice before finishing her lessons with us for the third time but didn't have her parents written permission because her parents live in the countryside! Sometimes the greatest miracles just take time! (: Their testimonies were so great! and the spirit was so strong. It was days like yesterday that makes me want to be a missionary for FOREVER!! (:

I'm not sure I could have asked for better! This week was good! and Sister Hartley and I will be unpacking today we moved into a new apartment in our area on Saturday! So yay for less travel time now! (: Life is good and I am choosing to be happy! 

Sister Bennett (:

yay for baptisms this is deggi!

I love this family!