Thursday, May 26, 2016

Always Learning

This was an English Teaching Conference for the mission.

I was on an exchange this week with a Mongolian sister and we got to the bus stop and called the people we were about to go visit and they suddenly couldn't meet and were too busy. SO there we are at the bus stop probably looking a little sad :P as we starting looking through who we could meet with. Then a car pulls up and a lady pops out of the car and walks with intense purpose toward us. It kind of scared me. She had a vest on that even made her look fancy and she asked my companion have you received the "red god vaccine"? and she said no. But that's why the car was there apparently everyone is supposed to get it and they sat her down in the car and gave her the vaccine right there! #VaccinesToGo It was crazy! Out and about doing missionary work and just helping our health at the same time! (: btw I learned that the "red god disease" is measles (:

We also went to a member’s house for that same exchange and the little boy about 2 years old was sleeping and then all of a sudden he opened his eyes and stood up and said "gold yavii" which means "let’s go to the RIVER!!" soo cute! (: 

Scripture of the week "Where you treasure is there will your heart be also." I really have liked pondering this idea of where is my focus even as a missionary and how can I improve in really put God first and focusing on those I'm trying to help. I also realized this week that this scripture is in the Book of Mormon this week... I feel like this is why I am a missionary to learn things I already should have known. (: haha #AlwaysLearning

Anyways life is pretty good, can't complain! (:
Sister Bennett


Look it's a kitty!  He looks a little creepy, haha!

Sister Guild and I with Solongoo in a taxi

Sister Guild and I with the branch president's daughter and Ulambayar.

Monday, May 23, 2016

BIG news for Mongolia!!!

This week was good, EVERY SINGLE one of our lessons this week was with a member present! Yay for awesome members!

AND Big new for Mongolia the left district that we are in is now going to be a stake! That's super exciting! So now that will be two stakes for Mongolia!!
We lost one of our best investigators, unfortunately she is going to the countryside and unfortunately she doesn't live close to a church. But we set a goal with her of how far she thinks she could reach in the Book of Mormon before she gets back for the next semester of school. We even made a chart with her to help her achieve that goal. YAY! #goalsetting

We made sure to call many of our investigators to make sure they were reading the Book of Mormon every night and they did IT!! (: #readBOMeverydayYALL!

My companion asked to use the restroom yesterday at a member's house and they said "sure that will be 500 tugs" (the Mongolian currency). But then we caught them, "wait its the Sabbath!" and we all laughed! and 
he replied "okay your lucky! Monday through Saturday its 500 tugs!" :P

We had a huge English Conference this week! I even learned a few words in Chinese!! (: haha

Life is good! Being a missionary is great! (:
Sister Bennett (:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Oh wait, those were kind of important?!

This week were transfers! and guess what?! NOTHING CHANGED! :D I'm still in Sansar with Sister Guild! WOO!

At church yesturday we were talking about trials and hard times, and this lady said "sometimes our trials can be hard and annoying but so can brushing our teeth. But if we get cavities and our teeth fall our then we will realize "oh wait those were kind of important?!" So even though there are hard things we need to be grateful! (:

My trainer Handsoren went home from her mission on wednesday! I went to her testimony meeting and pretty much balled my eyes out! (: It really was a miracle we were able to understand each other and do work when we were together. A positive attitude goes a long way! She definitely was always positive!

We had a super cool district meeting this week on the topic of if you had to leave the world with five minutes of advice what would it be? here are a few things shared:
- how nothing is too serious and related it to a leaf and how with leaf they grow perfectly just the way they were intended to and it didn't need to be fixed or even criticized because it grew perfectly, so in the end we don't need to be knit picky with the little things, it will turn out alright!
-"Be pretty if you are, be witty if you can, Be cheerful if it kills you" (was the Taylor's family motto). This life we are meant to be happy!
-We have to do the basics! Scriptures, Prayer, go to church!
-if love is who we become at the last day we will have done our best!

My companion and I on Saturday night only had 1 potato, a little ham and rice and noodles and we needed to still eat dinner for the next day, we made a big enough meal with lots of seasoning and it was super good!! (: YUM! #cookingskills

This week we have a big English conference that should be awesome! (: #sharpeningUP!

Have a great week!
Sister Bennett

Goodbye Sister Handsoren!

My companion and I with a woman I work with at my school.

Of course it snows, in May, when I don't wear my tights!

We went and got pictures taken!