Tuesday, March 29, 2016

That's when I pretended to not understand what he had just said...

My and my companion moved to a new apartment this week we have a sweet camel rug on our way out the door every morning! #perks 
Sweet camel rug!

Said Goodbye to Maralmaa on Tuesday! ):

I was talking to a taxi man this week. He told us all about his life and how he is a animal doctor and has two daughters and has family out in the countryside. He even had us look through pictures on his phone of the countryside since I told him i havent been yet. He said you can come with me if you write down my number I go all the time!! ....that's when I pretended to not understand what he had just said. haha but he was way nice and I'd probably take up his offer if I weren't a missionary. :P

Then Saturday we had a baptism with two investigators being baptized! One of them shared her testimony on how she wanted to live with her Heavenly Father again. Isn't that what this life is about, learning and striving to live with Him again?! It was just awesome! (:

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So I had a cold hit me hard on Saturday and then I taught English for 6 hours and I still had a little bit of a voice after that. But On Sunday MY VOICE WAS COMPLETELY GONE. So then when I'm trying to talk to people I'm like whispering at them as loud as I can. The funniest thing though is there was a member who whispered back and I think he just thought I was being quiet cause we are at church. Which hey that's a pretty good reason!

So life's pretty good. I only sound like a man with a cough now so that's much better than whispering at people! I like being a missionary. Its pretty great and I got a pretty great companion too! #cantgetmuchbetter!

Sister Bennett

Monday, March 21, 2016

A little bit of my heart will go to America tomorrow


Well Solongoo's baptism is this week on Saturday! super exciting!

Found hot dogs this week! I had to almost beg my companion but it was probably the best decision we made this past week! (:

um we found hot dogs I'm pretty sure it was the best thing ever...
We  met with a less active this week, and she normally has been pretty busy but we have been able to meet with her about 1 time a month cause that's all she has time for. This past time in her closing prayer she mention she was grateful she felt that her heart was softening! The spirit works in awesome ways! (: sometimes fast and sometimes slow but if we listen he always helps us out!

So transfers are out and I'm now with sister Guild! but still in Sansar thank goodness! (:

We also have another little golden investigator who goes to seminary and has come to church now 4 or 5 times in a row and hasn't been able to meet with us except once. Now this week we were able to meet with her, and we taught about prophets, Jesus Christ and apostasy and then the grand finale Restoration! and she said after the lesson, that she had always wondered how the priesthood went from Jesus Christ to us having it now. #meetwiththemissionaries #theycanhelpyou

Maralmaa is leaving tomorrow WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 4 MONTHS! That's almost a 4th of my mission! I'm pretty sure a little bit of my heart will go to America tomorrow at 4 am! :P 

Anyways things are good! & being a missionary is awesome! (:

That's all for now.

Sister Bennett! (:

PS YOU CAN GO OUTSIDE AND NOT FREEZE! I wear a light jacket now and it's the most beautiful thing of my life! I'm pretty sure I was smiling all day last Tuesday cause I just wore a light jacket outside!

Welcome to Mongolia sunset!

My new companion is wearing burgundy and glasses! Isn't she cute?!

Monday, March 14, 2016

The 1 Hour Challenge

On Monday we went to a museum. We were looking at a picture and this cute girl in a little fancy dress came up raised her arms to try and get it so we couldn't see the picture :P So then we just started talking to her, I told her "your dress is really cute" and I used the Russian word for dress (dress=plaje, which is pretty commonly known) and she said NO its a dashinz. (dashinz=dress in Mongolian) and so I apologized "oh sorry I meant dashinz" and she said, "she said no say dashinz!!" well nonetheless don't pick fights with little girls in cute dresses because she won!

My companion pointed to this 2 year old boy's stomach and said whats that? and then to his hand and cheek. and he told inside that there was a beast!! #toocute

One of our investigators is prepared for baptism but the best part is you could see it in her eyes. That she has changed and come unto Christ little by little and that you can see it in her eyes!

Random thing I miss for the week is root beer! There isn't any root beer here :P 

At church I learned there are 168 hours in a week? and even if we slept for 9 hours every night we still have 105 hours in a week and then the speaker mentioned How many of those hours do we give to God? through going to church, reading scriptures, prayers,serving, going to the temple? So here's my challenge for the week take an hour and give it God this week. Whether you break it up and do a little something everyday, or set aside an hour all together. I know that through doing little things God without fail has to bless us! So ready set GO! #THE1hourchallenge

Missionary life is good! I'm grateful for the opportunity I get to give God my time! I hope I give it the best I can!

Sister Bennett

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Finding miracles everyday!

We played volleyball with the ward for a ward activity this week! Even though it was only for 15 minutes, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. I hadn't played volleyball in 8 months. I'm really tempted to buy a volleyball here... #ireallyLOVEvolleyball

One of our investigators this last week finally met with us after not meeting with us for about 3 months, and when we met with her she told us about one of the people that goes and gets haircuts from her and he keeps telling me to meet with you, and she said I think his name was President Benson? haha! YUP That is his name. and he even does his job when getting a haircut! #bestMissionPresidentEVER

Just last night we were teaching a Book of Mormon lesson and I asked some sort of question about the Book of Mormon and the little six year old, thinking I was asking her specifically, said, "eahhhh?! I don't know ENGLISH?!" with a very sincere concerned face!! We all started laughing!! for the record I was teaching in Mongolian, and she has understood me before :P haha #mongolianOrEnglish?!
but hey God has helped me get pretty far with learning the language so I'm grateful for that!

My companion bore her testimony in church on Sunday and told everyone she got her visa and that she was leaving soon and it got us three dinner appointments for this week! #Yum 

That's is all. I am still in Mongolia, finding miracles everyday. It's a pretty good life.

Sister Bennett (:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Missions are awesome!

Spiritual thought from scripture study today,
 Choose the right and just don't be wicked!
#simple #CTR

Tuesday we had 4 lessons, and were busy all day it was the BEST DAY EVER!! (: 

One of my English students called me over to ask a question, let me preface it with this boy has a lot of desire along with A LOT of questions. While I was walking over to where he was sitting, He fell out of his chair. and I asked him if he was alright and as he's still on the floor, he was super disappointed and goes "martchihjee" which means he completely forgot!  too funny! (:

We bought pizza last week, it was gone that day! soo good! (:

Here's what I've realized about life, if you really have desire you can do almost anything, God blesses us when we work hard. My English students who have desire I can see a lot of improvement. But i'ts also the same with learning Mongolian we have work hard to earn it. so it takes desire and hard work and you can conquer anything. #lifethoughts

I'm still learning Mongolian alright... ha ha (: I invited an investigator to come a baptism for the next day over text and she thought I was inviting her to be baptized the next day! #beSpecific #ha ha

Wanna know how awesome my companion is!? On Wednesday we were burned a little bit and ended up doing 3 hours of language study so we could meet with people on Friday and Saturday. so then I told my companion "we are never doing language study ever again!!" and she told me, "if you show me a bad example I will not follow you, but you show me good example so I always follow you". ha ha!  Anyways, yes we have done language study since last Wednesday. but I liked the first part of what she said that if I did a bad job she wouldn't follow me, because obedience is super important no matter what your companion is doing and I'm glad we have learned that together! (: 

Missions are awesome and would highly recommend it for anyone pondering it! (:

Sister Bennett

PS If you've emailed me and i haven't emailed back, I'm sorry email time is super short and I hope to get around to them one email at a time!