Monday, June 20, 2016

The best prayers are the sincere ones.

On Wednesday night we brought a member with us to a lesson and as we were walking together to the investigators home she mentioned her number 1 dream was to serve a mission. We kept talking and mentioned she could come with us to more lessons. Then I had the thought that night after prayer that maybe she should serve a mini mission this coming transfer. (a mini mission is where pretty much you serve a mission for a transfer with a full time missionary). Then the next day the mission office called and I asked if they needed any mini missionaries for this next transfer and they said they needed 1!!! So we are sending her on a mini mission this next transfer! She is super excited and I'm grateful to have been able to follow that prompting.
It's the little thoughts people! 
Follow them!

On Friday I was teaching English I excused a boy's partner to go to the bathroom. Then I had the class doing partner work and I went up to the boy whose partner was missing and I asked him jokingly what happened to your partner? and he said, "he died" I pretty much died inside when he said that! too funny.

We were riding the bus home and by the end of the bus ride my companion and I talked about English to the people sitting on either side of us on the bus. It was sweet! (: 

We have been teaching this family specifically the mom and the older daughter since February.  Then the 7 year old daughter had come to church in February and really didn't enjoy it. but she came to church this past Sunday and sat in primary this time and LOVED IT!! I had given her a missionary name tag paper a week or two before where she put her name on the tag and she wore that all through church.  Then we went to their house that night and we asked the 7 year old to say the prayer and she said no at first and we gave her some pep talk and then taught prayer and then she was willing to pray. It was the cutest most sincere prayer I've heard from a little kid. She thought about each line she said but my favorite line from her prayer was "thank you that the sisters could come over. and thank you that sister Bennett told me I could become a missionary". I was crying. The best prayers are the sincere ones.

This week we were in a little store and as we were walking to the cash register the cashier was pointing at us and said talk to them to a man who was standing by the register, but the other man didn't seem to understand what was going on and seemed frazzled. So we asked can we help you? in English and he pulls out a 100$ dollar bill and wanted to exchange it. So then I translated it. and the cashier said he couldn't do that. So we mentioned maybe he could go to the bank but he mentioned they are closed. Unfortunately this man was stuck with his 100$ bill until he could exchange it in the morning when they would be open again. So before he left we asked if we could help him out any other way and he declined and left. but as I was thinking about it without the right currency he was definitely out of place. Then I was thinking how this relates to heaven and in heaven the right kind of currency would be a testimony. If we don't have that I think we will be out of place and it would just be strange to be there. so that's my interesting thought of the week, start saving up and working hard now for that right kind of currency. #iShouldWriteaGeneralConferenceTalk

Other than that our week has just been simple and plain (: things are good!
Sister Bennett

Byma and us wearing the rings she gave us! She is the cutest.

Last week, a man herding some goats in the countryside.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

Perfect missionary day

While working on the blog lately I noticed this post from May that I never published.  So here it is from May 2nd.  Keeping reading if you are looking for the June 13th post, it's just after this one.  You don't want to miss it it's one of my favorites!

This week we had planned a mission wide "perfect missionary day". I'm pretty sure Satan worked harder that day because it was NOT my idea of a perfect missionary day, but as long as you are working hard and being obedient I think everyday is a perfect missionary day, RIGHT?! (:

The weather is getting warmer?! AHHHHH!!!!! (: Go ahead and ask me if Im wearing tights?! CAUSE IM NOT!! :D #thatstruehappiness

Two boys in my English class fell asleep this week... So I made them stand up for 30 minutes of the class and do the English speaking exercises that way. They were too funny about it :P #myFavoriteLittleCrazies

We taught a lesson to an investigator this week, who has to tell her dad she wants to become a member, Her dad is a member of a different church so she is a little scared but we taught trusting in God and that it will all work out! and she afterwards said wow you two taught me a lesson I really needed! #yay! That means I'm doing my job right? (:

I read a cool quote this week that went something along the lines of Can we forget what we want to do and do what the Lord wants us to do? #ThoughtOfTheWeek

My companion touched a member this week, when she said "we need to look for opportunities to serve" Pretty much I have a great companion. #sisterGuild

MISSIONARY LIFE, ITS HARD, ITS GOOD! and there's no other way to describe it!

Sister Bennett (:

Laugh along the way

I pretty much love teaching the English classes that I have right now! On Monday in our classes we talked about a goal we wanted and some people said they wanted a master degree, to become a better English teacher or improve their conversational English skills. I said my goal is I want to be a mom. Then one of the student asked me how old I was? and I said 21. and then she said why do you want to be a mom? and I had no good answer or at least that's what i felt like. But here's my good answer, then I can teach my future children about their Heavenly Father and how to return to him and that's the best responsibility anyone could have. Granted it will be hard but rewarding! I'm pretty sure being a mom is probably the best job ever.

We also talked about koalas and Australia in that class and all of a sudden I had the desire to go to Australia! haha! Maybe one day when I'm rich!

At church a member gave a really good talk at church and they shared a story. It was about two members who went to the same restaurant but would always go at different times. The one would always order tea and the other always order coffee, but then they found out they both liked that same restaurant so they decided to go together. They both are members and when they went together they both ordered water and the waiter noticed and said you always order tea and you always order coffee whats different about today? The moral of the story was integrity. That we need to be the kind of members who do what's right when no ones looking.

We met with a member last night and shared a spiritual thought and she shared a spiritual thought with us. It was a win win situation too she spoke English with us and we spoke Mongolian! haha She shared a talk about discouragement and my favorite part that she shared was, "if you don't like the way you are feeling, change the way you are thinking." I just thought it was a good reminder of how important our thoughts are.

I've been noticing something lately I RELEARN THINGS OVER AND OVER. I looked over planners and Mongolian words that I had written down over my mission, I had written most words twice and sometimes 3 times at different times in my planners. Then that member shared that quote with us. But it wasn't anything new. I remember Sister Wilkins sharing in the mtc that her mom said "change your thoughts change your life" So I'm realizing that over this life time in order for things to really stick we have to gain experience and learn it over and over again!

Funny experiences of the week:
We were teaching pre-earth life and we lived with our Heavenly Father talked about how two people volunteered to be our savior. "Satan volunteered then the green one was Jesus Christ" We meant to say the other one instead of the green one :P

We were teaching the end of the plan of salvation We told them which kingdom do you want to go to. She said celestial and we said "right we want to go to the Terrestrial kingdom!" Whoops!

We were talking to a member this week and she said she wanted to go on a mission but was a little scared. We told her "You only need one thing, marriage." we meant to say testimony.

We both are still learning and relearning Mongolian :P but making sure to laugh along the way (: Life is good!
Sister Bennett (:

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I'm 21?!

WHAT?! All of a sudden I'm 21?! I'm not really sure how that happened? While I was teaching English, the other staff at the school came in and sang and brought flowers and cake!!!! It was super sweet!!! So I pretty much teach at the best school ever!

Happy Birthday to me!  Best school ever!
We made Tsuivan this week completely from scratch the noodles an everything I think that's an accomplishment!! (: 

We also went to the huduu or the countryside this week with our ward that was fun! I've been here for almost a year and that was the first time I had Mongolian barbecue!

Gers in the countryside.  Look at the sheep on the hillside.
We also saw camels this week out in the countryside they were being herded by a man on a motorcycle! 

I think the thing that I was most grateful for this week was the people around me, the thoughtfulness of the people at my school, the cutest of some of my students who brought me a gift, my awesome companion, the people I get to teach the gospel to and the great members that are in our ward! You can't get better than that right?! #blessedinmanyways

Sister Bennett

Visit to a Buddhist Temple on p-day!

Buddhist temple

Buddhist temple 

Mongolia is Beautiful!

Missionaries are weak... because we are nice

Weekly highlights!

Best idea of the week: We bought Ranch last Monday! #GENIUS!

Mongolia Moment: I was reading the ingredients on our prized ranch bottle and I was reading thamin or some weird word like that. and i couldn't say the "th" sounds without a lisp! My companion couldn't stop laughing at me, I hope that's a sign I've learned Mongolian or something (:

We were walking home on monday and saw five pregnant women within 10 minutes so we decided to count for the rest of the week!! We got to a total of 41! Summer babies! and lets just be real June is a great month to have a birthday (: Especially June 3rd!! #winkwink!

I love teaching the Book of Mormon lesson! We were able to teach that lesson to a investigator, the Book of Mormon is so powerful I love it!

I taught a really great English class on Friday morning and I was pretty sure I figured out how to create the best English class so I tried to mimic it for Saturday and it did not go as well as the first time... haha but hey I found a good way for one class! #stillLearning

During Sister guilds English I was on a exchange. We went and taught a nine year old boy. When we went over there the first thing he said to us was "oh you got a new companion, is she American?" and then he said "Americans are so weak!" and I WAS OFFENDED!!! here was this nine year old telling me I was weak! and so I asked him "why are Americans weak?" and he said it was because "whenever I arm wrestle them I ALWAYS win! I probably could do it with just one finger its sooooo easy" and then I understood exactly why he thought Americans were so weak haha! so I decided to tell him "I am stronger than all the Americans!!" and he got this scared look on his face, so I challenged him to arm wrestle, and he accepted and I gave him a run for his money but he won! :P and he was sooo happy! #toofunny #Missionariesareweak #beacuaseWeAreNice (: 

We also found a service opponortunity this week just walking home and helping this lady carry some boards home that she was really struggle with by herself! yay! #makingNewFriends

Life's pretty great! Can't ask for too much more cause that would be selfish!
Sister Bennett