Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Put God first and it will all work out!

This week was pretty normal. burned, met with people. taught lots of English. fell on some ice. had some awesome lessons. had spiritual studies and worked hard.  That's a pretty good week to me (:

Things I learned this week:

  • Winter doesn't like me.  I have two bald sections on my arms from the cuff of my coat rubbing on my arm so much :P
  • When you don't want to work, work harder, then God can bless you. #sawtheblessingsafterfreakingoutalittlebit
  • It's bad luck in Mongolian culture to name a child before it's born #dontdothat
  • Wanna learn a language really well? Watch TV shows in that language.  I have a new student in my English class who knows perfect English from watching TV!  When we were singing songs in our class this week he even told me I sing like I am from the 80's! He doesn't even know what that means! :P #thankskid (we should have just watched TV shows in the MTC)
  • The things that are of the most significance in this life are family and the gospel, since that's what you can take to Heaven.
Random thought of the week: It really would be entertaining to have a video of all the times I've fallen on my mission (:

Yeah, it really was a pretty simple week.  Although one of our investigators is golden and is progressing on her own even though she's busy. It really takes our own desire to find these things out for ourselves.  But what's important is that she makes time for the gospel, that's really how God blesses us, when we first make time for Him and then let everything else fall in place.

Have a great week!  Put God first and it will all work out! (:

Sister Bennett



No, but really it's wayyy cold! We met with an investigator last night. So afterwards we are standing at this deserted bus stop and waiting for the bus and there we were dancing or swaying back and forth in order to not completely freeze. Then when we finally got close enough to home we starting running because it was just toooo cold. Our toes were frozen and our hands were frozen with gloves on. Apparently this week it's supposed to be super cold... ‪#‎manyarecalledbutfewarefrozen‬

MIRACLE SUNDAY!!! WE HAD 9 INVESTIGATORS in the investigator class on Sunday! Whereas the past few weeks it's only been 0-3 investigators!!! It was awesome, then we were also translating it into English for two of our English speaking investigators. Super cooll! smile emoticon ‪#‎feelingblessed‬

Learned a new word this week: olzlogdmoluudinhruugaa
it means to take a prisoners side on something, but you pretty much can't use it in a sentence. and I can hardly say it anyways it's soo long.‪#‎learningMongolian‬ ‪#‎itsSometimesScary‬

One of my boys in English, after class with his friend, asked me if liked to ice skate and of course I reply Yeah! I love ice skating! and then he asks if my companion and him and his friend want to go ice skating unfortunately I had to tell him no. Maybe my students are learning English too well!

anyways its cold.
but we are happy!
and things are good
and buh zuils saihan bolno. or it will all work out!

Sister Bennett(:

Monday, January 11, 2016

Look there's a Russian! Nope it's Sister Bennett

We are on the bus on Friday and this little girl comes and sits by us and she whispers to her dad, while pointing at me "Daddy, look there's a Russian behind you!" and then dad tells her yeah but don't point, and she says a little louder "no daddy LOOK there IS a Russian behind you!"and my companion leans over to the little girl and tells her "no she's Mongolian, she speaks Mongolian. Ask her!"and she got really nervous and pulled her scarf over her face and she told her dad "No I think she's Russian" and the dad said "Nope, she said she's Mongolian", this poor little girl was getting way confused but as she got off the bus we told her I was American and she gave me a high five too cute! #tenderbusmoments
This week I did an exchange with Sister Peterson and it was a crazy day.
Let's start with that morning, we studied and prepped a few lessons and one of the lessons was called "it will all work out!" Then when we are headed to our lessons an hour or so later and we get a call saying they can't find Sister Bullwinkle and Sister Kofoed! We tried to contact the sisters and unfortunately the worst came to mind that they had gotten in a taxi trying to go to teach English and were headed out to the countryside or something and their phone wasn't working. So there was a little freaking out going on :P and then we get a text as we are about to go teach this lesson and we found out they found the sisters right where they were supposed to be, at their school. Then we teach this lesson on "it will all work out!" and we felt a little silly... even if they were on their way to the countryside #itprobablywouldhaveallworkedout  

Later, we are on a bus, the bus gets a little more full where a lot of the handholds are taken, then we see this hand reach around and is hugging Sister Peterson since she couldnt reach any of the handdolds, it just made me think of the quote from Russell M Nelson "hold on to the missionaries, they can help you" well maybe that wasn't exaclty the quote :P #gottadowhatyougottado 

Church!!! Can we call this MIRACLE SUNDAY!! We had two investigators at church and two less actives! It was so awesome and definitely a miracle! God brought them to church. Then in our investigator class we had an only English speaking investigator and a Mongolian, so our lesson was half in English and half in Mongolian, and we were translating ourselves it was crazy but awesome! (: #miracles

It's freezing (-33 F) yes, but the work is doing better! Have a great week!
Sister Bennett
Frozen eyelashes!

 The missionaries have to wear these masks in the winter.  
The air quality is very bad because coal and such is being burned in the ger districts.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016



So... Mongolians for New Years buy cakes and they don't hesitate to share! but really we ate wayyy too much cake, they all tasted so good that for sure, but I'm sure my body wasnt to happy to process all that sugar! 
Shout out to UKRAINENARA who gave us a cake for New Years! yum thanks!
So we received this beautiful cake and we thought LETS SHARE! So we had two specific people come to mind, our cleaning people and a lady we went visiting teaching to the day before. We will call her Sister L. So we dropped off our cake and carried on with our day and appointments. Then on Sunday there is Sister L, she came to church even though it's hard for her to come to church. She then tells us at church that she was soo grateful for the cake we gave her.  She had been wanting cake for two days and she had even prayed she would be able to just have some cream cake for New Years. She said it was exactly the cake she wanted! She is too cute! I was so glad we were not only able to brighten her day but to even to answer her prayer for some cake.

SHOUTOUT to Bayarmaa!!! Thanks for the Christmas/New Year gift!! Made our day!! (:
My ponderize scripture of the week was Alma 48:17: "...if all men had been and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever..." #moroni #bookofmormonheros

This week we doubled the amount of our lessons from the week before even though it was new years! and this coming week we already have the same amount of lessons as last week already set up for this coming week!! The work is progressing and my companion and I are very excited and grateful to see God's hand in the work.

We also gave an investigator a BAPTISM DATE!! and she accepted it! I' m excited for her upcoming progress! (:

SHINE JILIIN MEND HURGII!! OR Happy New Year! in Mongolian! Eat lots of cake I'm pretty sure if you do then your year will be pretty SWEET! (:

Here we are enjoying some cake!
Sister Bennett