Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I can do all things through Christ which stregtheneth me

Mongolia is Beautiful!  A view from my window.
Let's start with my "Ponderize" scripture of the week, it was "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". It was a good motivator for both my companion and I this week (:

Brother Francom, a senior couple missionary, spoke in our ward about the temple and he talked about being temple worthy and during his talk he changed the meaning of CTR from choose to the right to current temple recommend. And then ask are you prepared to go to the temple right now? It was good food for thought.

While waiting for investigators this week, I learned how to pray in mongolian sign language!!! SOO COOL. (: #ilovelearning

In the spirit of Halloween I have something scary to share: This week we ended up making 138 cookies for B's baptism! #scaryawesome (:

B's baptism
Can I just give a shoutout to you members, us missionary need you like peanut butter needs jelly! You are sooo important, this week we had B's baptism and B was brought to church by a member; not by our own finding! SO THANKS MEMBERS! #bringafriendtochurch #themissionarieswillloveYOU

OH AND IT'S WINTER! It rained during church for three hours and then all of a sudden started snowing, I learned the word for ice this week... #ahhhh! #itscooooold!

HERE'S two motivational stories from the week:

Yesturday I looked out the window and there I saw spiderman, fighting off bad guys all by himself, running through this little neighborhood in Mongolia. Spiderman was probably only five years old but I'm sure he was doing a pretty good job! What I learnined from this is sometimes you just gotta put on your spiderman suit, BE BRAVE and conquer those things maybe you dont want to (: #spiderman #savingtheworldfrominvisiblebadguys

A missionary who served in Arizona returned to Mongolia this week and he gave me some wise words of wisdom "Keep thinking, speaking and praying in Mongolian." Okay maybe this one only applies to me, but hey if you have a dream, work hard and go get it! (:

Have a great week! LOVE YA!
Sister Bennett 

Look closely!  This is art from a 3D museum!
Crazy Bus ride!

Fun pday at the 3D art museum!  Who wants a Book of Mormon?

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