Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Put God first and it will all work out!

This week was pretty normal. burned, met with people. taught lots of English. fell on some ice. had some awesome lessons. had spiritual studies and worked hard.  That's a pretty good week to me (:

Things I learned this week:

  • Winter doesn't like me.  I have two bald sections on my arms from the cuff of my coat rubbing on my arm so much :P
  • When you don't want to work, work harder, then God can bless you. #sawtheblessingsafterfreakingoutalittlebit
  • It's bad luck in Mongolian culture to name a child before it's born #dontdothat
  • Wanna learn a language really well? Watch TV shows in that language.  I have a new student in my English class who knows perfect English from watching TV!  When we were singing songs in our class this week he even told me I sing like I am from the 80's! He doesn't even know what that means! :P #thankskid (we should have just watched TV shows in the MTC)
  • The things that are of the most significance in this life are family and the gospel, since that's what you can take to Heaven.
Random thought of the week: It really would be entertaining to have a video of all the times I've fallen on my mission (:

Yeah, it really was a pretty simple week.  Although one of our investigators is golden and is progressing on her own even though she's busy. It really takes our own desire to find these things out for ourselves.  But what's important is that she makes time for the gospel, that's really how God blesses us, when we first make time for Him and then let everything else fall in place.

Have a great week!  Put God first and it will all work out! (:

Sister Bennett

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