Wednesday, January 27, 2016



No, but really it's wayyy cold! We met with an investigator last night. So afterwards we are standing at this deserted bus stop and waiting for the bus and there we were dancing or swaying back and forth in order to not completely freeze. Then when we finally got close enough to home we starting running because it was just toooo cold. Our toes were frozen and our hands were frozen with gloves on. Apparently this week it's supposed to be super cold... ‪#‎manyarecalledbutfewarefrozen‬

MIRACLE SUNDAY!!! WE HAD 9 INVESTIGATORS in the investigator class on Sunday! Whereas the past few weeks it's only been 0-3 investigators!!! It was awesome, then we were also translating it into English for two of our English speaking investigators. Super cooll! smile emoticon ‪#‎feelingblessed‬

Learned a new word this week: olzlogdmoluudinhruugaa
it means to take a prisoners side on something, but you pretty much can't use it in a sentence. and I can hardly say it anyways it's soo long.‪#‎learningMongolian‬ ‪#‎itsSometimesScary‬

One of my boys in English, after class with his friend, asked me if liked to ice skate and of course I reply Yeah! I love ice skating! and then he asks if my companion and him and his friend want to go ice skating unfortunately I had to tell him no. Maybe my students are learning English too well!

anyways its cold.
but we are happy!
and things are good
and buh zuils saihan bolno. or it will all work out!

Sister Bennett(:

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