Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Oh wait, those were kind of important?!

This week were transfers! and guess what?! NOTHING CHANGED! :D I'm still in Sansar with Sister Guild! WOO!

At church yesturday we were talking about trials and hard times, and this lady said "sometimes our trials can be hard and annoying but so can brushing our teeth. But if we get cavities and our teeth fall our then we will realize "oh wait those were kind of important?!" So even though there are hard things we need to be grateful! (:

My trainer Handsoren went home from her mission on wednesday! I went to her testimony meeting and pretty much balled my eyes out! (: It really was a miracle we were able to understand each other and do work when we were together. A positive attitude goes a long way! She definitely was always positive!

We had a super cool district meeting this week on the topic of if you had to leave the world with five minutes of advice what would it be? here are a few things shared:
- how nothing is too serious and related it to a leaf and how with leaf they grow perfectly just the way they were intended to and it didn't need to be fixed or even criticized because it grew perfectly, so in the end we don't need to be knit picky with the little things, it will turn out alright!
-"Be pretty if you are, be witty if you can, Be cheerful if it kills you" (was the Taylor's family motto). This life we are meant to be happy!
-We have to do the basics! Scriptures, Prayer, go to church!
-if love is who we become at the last day we will have done our best!

My companion and I on Saturday night only had 1 potato, a little ham and rice and noodles and we needed to still eat dinner for the next day, we made a big enough meal with lots of seasoning and it was super good!! (: YUM! #cookingskills

This week we have a big English conference that should be awesome! (: #sharpeningUP!

Have a great week!
Sister Bennett

Goodbye Sister Handsoren!

My companion and I with a woman I work with at my school.

Of course it snows, in May, when I don't wear my tights!

We went and got pictures taken!

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