Monday, May 23, 2016

BIG news for Mongolia!!!

This week was good, EVERY SINGLE one of our lessons this week was with a member present! Yay for awesome members!

AND Big new for Mongolia the left district that we are in is now going to be a stake! That's super exciting! So now that will be two stakes for Mongolia!!
We lost one of our best investigators, unfortunately she is going to the countryside and unfortunately she doesn't live close to a church. But we set a goal with her of how far she thinks she could reach in the Book of Mormon before she gets back for the next semester of school. We even made a chart with her to help her achieve that goal. YAY! #goalsetting

We made sure to call many of our investigators to make sure they were reading the Book of Mormon every night and they did IT!! (: #readBOMeverydayYALL!

My companion asked to use the restroom yesterday at a member's house and they said "sure that will be 500 tugs" (the Mongolian currency). But then we caught them, "wait its the Sabbath!" and we all laughed! and 
he replied "okay your lucky! Monday through Saturday its 500 tugs!" :P

We had a huge English Conference this week! I even learned a few words in Chinese!! (: haha

Life is good! Being a missionary is great! (:
Sister Bennett (:

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