Friday, May 15, 2015

Go Spread Some Joy!

This week Sister Hartley lost all her pamphlets and Elder Mulder said she should look in sister Wilkin's desk. He lost something the week before and mysteriously found it in her desk  for some ODD reason! He calls her the desk the BLACK HOLE! So Sister Hartley goes to look for her pamphlets Sister Wilkins is insisting they aren't in her desk. So we pull out Sister Wilkin's pamphlet and she ended up having 29 PAMPLETS IN HER DESK! hers, Sister Hartley's and some more random ones from the rest of US!!!! Either Sister Wilkins loves pamphlets (which could be true because as missionaries those things are golden!) OR her desk really is a black hole! so if you've ever lost anything, LET ME KNOW, its probably in her desk, so i can look for it for ya! #funnymoments #WELOVEPAMPHLETS

so there is this Tongan sister on our floor in our residence hall whom we love.When she teases with us she always lets us know she is kidding but instead of saying "just kidding" she says "just killing". I'm pretty sure that's against our religion?!?!?! #justkilling #shoutouttoSISTERTAHAFE
"Just killing" Sister Tahafe

SHOUTOUT TO MY POPS!! happy birthday yesterday dad! LOVE YOU!

So my eyes have been opened in the world of Canadian chips!!Sister Harker's wonderful Canadian grandparents sent her some Canadian treats and ketchup chips! which I have had before BUT these ones were BAKED ketchup chips! can I get a HALLELUIAH!! #ilovecanada #themotherland@itsfinest
Sister Harker and I with Old Dutch Baked Ketchup chips and Smarties!

There was a wicked cool devotional on Tuesday about technology and it is used to spread the good news! So the video from Christmas "He is the gift" over 28 days received 33,000,000 views!? SAY WHAT?! and what's even more cool is that 134,000 people requested the missionaries online to come over because of the video! SOO COOL! 
The next thing he talked about was being transparent with our devices. Whether our next device is a ipad on the mish or a phone when we get home. But what he went on to say was "would we feel comfortable handing our devices over to President Monson?" How can we be better? She we delete an app or two? Change a wallpaper? Change our language? Whatever it is DO IT! Its a new day and he then explained the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and how the put their weapons of rebellion down and buried them deep in the ground. We can use this technology for both good and bad but how can we use them for the better? Perhaps sending a kind text, reading a conference talk, post an uplifting thought on the Facebook? Whatever it is DO THAT! SPREAD THE LOVE OF THE GOSPEL. (if you had something you should do or someone who needs some uplifting? its spirit so you should probably listen!) #technologyisgood

Yesterday we left the mtc for a whole 4 hours! we went to BYU's English learning center. We observed English as a foreign language classes. this is a part of training to become certified English teachers in Mongolia! SO on Monday we are going there again but will be teaching a class!! wish us luck #imexcited #ihaveaprettysweetmissioncall
Field Trip!

On our way to the BYU English Learning Center

Brother Nelson was commenting on my note taking the other day and how I put things in rows or with stars by it or underlined! I might just get a little excited and write lots down, YOU GET THE IDEA, anyways then the other day he said. "Sister Bennett that's the most ORIGINAL note taking I've ever seen, I mean you have 'What Would Jesus Do' in a CLOUD!" #cloudsaregoodforemphasis #WWJD? #hewouldputitinacloud

So No news about Sister Wilkins and my visas, but everyone else will be leaving the 26th now in order for us to finish our certification. So we will have to see, we may receive temporary reassignments? But today we are doing an English fast for our visas! WOO! #itsontheLordstime 

Two favorite quotes of the week:

Pray as if everything relies on the LORD, Work as if everything depends on you.

He who finds himself thankful in all things is he who will find himself exalted on the right hand of God. -Joseph Smith

Sister Bennett (:
Look at us we match!

The Sisters headed to Mongolia.

This is Marshall, we do service every Thursday morning with him.

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