Friday, May 8, 2015

15 DAYS LEFT?! I don't know Mongolian!

THE COUNTDOWN IS SOO REAL. How long have I even been here?
15 DAYS LEFT?! I don't know Mongolian! "Sharp rocks at the bottom? MOST LIKELY. Bring it on."

We had an evaluation yesterday in Mongolian by someone who doesn't teach the classes here. He just spoke to us to see how fluent we are and to see if WE ARE MAKING ANY SENSE. and I was able to tell him I like to play volleyball, I could teach him the gospel and bear my testimony that's all I need to know right? RIGHT? 

You know your a missionary when you reference Sunday clothes (a dress or skirt) as normal clothes now... #itsgottome

So Sister Wilkins and I perhaps get in some extra gym time while sister Hartley is in the shower. And by gym time I mean wresting, this week Sister Wilkins and I weren't messing. Let me me help you imagine what this looks like, two white girls putting one another in headlocks while speaking broken Mongolian and it always ends up in us DYING on the floor laughing. Which is the ab workout part of it all, I may or may not have 3 BRUISES from these extra gym sessions we do :P 

This week we have been focusing on the core belief of this gospel which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is Faith, repentance, baptism and receiving the holy ghost and enduring to the end. WHICH IS A LIFE LONG CONTINUOUS PROCESS. We don't get baptized again but I would say we do recommit to follow the Savior and should be doing that continuously as we strive to be more like him and to overcome our weaknesses. I love that as long as you are continually doing those things you can't go wrong? BUT HOW do you do those things? By reading your scriptures and saying your prayers with sincerity!Heavenly father wants to help us and he can when we are doing our part!

The Prime Minister of Taiwan said "the only people who speak Chinese are Chinese people, us and the Mormon missionaries". It's the same in Mongolia, Mongolian is only spoken in MONGOLIA. The government knows this and that's why we are to speak English with our sponsors and our classes. So just an interesting thought how different my mission is, this week we are finishing our certification to teach English as a second language. WOO! #teachingthegospelorteachingenglishsamething


A cute story from Sister Hartley's weekly email...

Sister Anthony is this beautiful beautiful black sister from England. She is really tall and just ELEGANTTTT. We saw her and sister Wilkins ask her how she's doing. This was her response..... Read it will a beautiful English accent that sounds super proper and pretty. 
"I'm gonna die here. Everything is too big. Its all too fat. Its too salty and there is not enough exercise time. I cannot zip anything up anymore. I'm going to DIE in here!" 
-Sister Anthony. 
"well I'll come to your funeral." 
-Sister Wilkins. 
"Well it is going to be SOON." 
-Sister Anthony. 
  ahahha we love her.

Walking to the Temple.

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