Sunday, May 24, 2015

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your LIFE

Well this week Sister Wilkins and I received travel plans, Our little trio went down to the mail to pick up packages that they had received and just down the hall we hear, "...sisters..." very solemnly are three elders, who do not want to make eye contact with us, and in their hands are the paper that were going to determine Sister Wilkins and I's DESTINY! well almost. (: I run and grab the papers and read IRVINE CALIFORNIA! I WAS BEYOND EXCITED!!!! and the Elders were so confused, but then I attacked Sister Wilkins with a hug we both would be going to the same place for a temporary visa assignment! AND ITS PROSELYTING!!!! WOOO!!! I can honestly say one thing, the only reason I was so excited was because of the many prayers of patience, praying for our visa and even English fasting that we would receive something. That something even though not our visas yet was flight plans to go preach the Gospel, Its not about WHERE. Its just about PREACHING THE GOOD NEWS! and I get to go do that in California for a bit! (:

So I'm pretty sure in the MTC we've created our own Mongolian language and I'm pretty sure its not MONGOLIAN.
The trio

Well shout out to Grandma for sending treats!! #THANKSGRANDMA 

So this week we taught at the BYU English Learning Center and it was super fun. We were there from 8 am to Noon everyday and now we are certified English teachers. Our first lesson was on families and our second class was on Verbs and what are you doing questions. I firmly believe the only reason they went actually pretty well is because we started the classes with a prayer. PRAYER IS AMAZING. There has been so many times where I've lost my name tag or notebook and every time I've prayed I've found it very soon after. #prayerworks
Also at the ELC we were observing an English class and Sister Hartley introduces herself and says shes from IOWA and the students ask her where that's at? So she draws the U.S. on the board and draws Iowa. One of the students asks her if its just a two hour drive away and she said  "well its more like 18." then it was my turn I get up and introduce myself and say I'm from Vegas and then I go to draw on the board where that is but IMMEDIATELY the entire class says, "OHHHH!!!" hahah and then they start partying with their hands. I think they know what Vegas is :P haha (: #Vegasshoutout
At the BYU English Learning Center

Today is our Mongolian investigators Baptism!!!! Her name is Althteengerith. CONGRATS. BYERHORGEE. (which also means congrats)

FAVORITE QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "change your thoughts, change your LIFE." -Mama Wilkins Sometimes we dont have control of the things going on around you, but we certainly have control over our thoughts. If we are positive and see the bright side of things, then there really will be a bright side! (: #BeHappyYall #MamaWilkins

I love the MTC and am sad to say BYE but I've got to go preach the good word. (:
Ready to go
Till next time,
Sister Bennett (:

Lunch at the MTC


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