Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us


So I wish I had a good story to go along with it, but the craziest thing that happened this week was... dun dun DUN!!!! 
BROKE THE FAVORITE GLASSES THIS WEEK... ): there was a little bit of mourning for the poor things, maybe super glue will fix it? Super glue fixes everything right?! 
here's the story, its cold, the finish was coming off because its cold, I leaned on a rail and they were in my pocket and we hear a snap, there they go... ): #sadness

I was making breakfast this week and I was frying some sausage and I realized it reminded me of the smell of grandma's house! So shout out to Grandma Schirmer for always making bacon when we come! #shoutout #yum #mygrandmaIsAwesome!

We were walking to my school this week, there was this adorable girl walking in her pink winter jumpsuit and pink hat she was probably 7 coming back from the grocery store, swinging her grocery bag while walking but the best part was her cheeks were the same color pink as her cute jumpsuit because it was a chilly Friday morning! #pinkhat #pinkcheeks #pinkjumpsuit 

I'm making my students write books in our class! I hope that turns out good! and one students after my class was over, gave me a picture, it was a picture of me and she wrote my name in Mongolian script. AND I LOVED IT! but little girl next time lets learn some English instead of drawing pictures, but shes too cute! 

I learned something new this week, Jesus Christ is God's only begotten Son, because Heavenly Father was his literal birth father with Mary as his birth mother. Then that means Jesus Christ created this world before he had a body. So I thought that was very interesting. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us, and if I've learned anything from my mission, I feel like I've learned that!

Anyways, another week done and now its February! whoa! Crazy!

Sister Bennett (:

Sister Maralmaa and I
Cool street

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