Monday, April 25, 2016

Little Answers to Prayers

While I was prepping for English on an exchange with a Mongolian sister missionary this week, she was doing a crossword puzzle and she couldn't figure out this one and why it wouldn't fix in the boxes. The riddle was "Something you wear instead of pants on a warm summer day"... "UNDERWEAR! But it doesn't fit in the boxes!!!", but once I explain to her what underwear was she understood that it wasn't the word underwear :P we both got a kick out of it (:

Wednesday we were waiting for new member this week for one of our lessons and these girls were playing volleyball, so I made some friends and played volleyball for a whole 10 minutes! (:

We met with investigator this week and went we went to her father's house and you could feel the complete difference and just could feel the spirit when going into his house it was too cool (: 

Yesterday we were going to meet at a member's house but I hadn't been to their house since about December. Then when we got to the right bus stop I couldn't remember which way to go, I said a little prayer in my head to be able to recognize the way when I saw it, as we walked to the left I felt like we should go right, so we went the other way and I started to get scared that I couldn't remember, we walked for another few minutes, and then we saw a building from the back and I recognized it immediately I still wasn't sure 100 % how to get there but I knew it was the building even though I hadn't seen it from the back before! #littleAnswerstoprayers

We taught a lesson on the restoration and watched the restoration video. After it was over I asked what everybody liked, The little boy I answered "I liked when Joseph Smith went to the grove and prayed and two missionaries came to him", and then his mom corrected him, "you mean God and Jesus Christ came right?" and he goes "oh yeah!" haha #ilikewhenmissionariescomeovertoo!

Yeah that was our week! #good days!

Sister Bennett (:
P-day = no food
Sister Guild and me

Mongolian sunset and me

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