Tuesday, September 20, 2016


From August 29, 2016

Well transfers came out and I left Sansar ): I definitely cried. I have served there for 10 months! I pretty much just felt like a resident, that's probably why I got moved. #toocomfortable

Anyways, now I am in Han-uul and Tuul, and my companion is Sister Nelson. Neither of us were serving in this area before so we are white washing! :O But our area is beautiful. It's right up next to the mountains! There is a river dividing our two areas! 
Zaisan Hill
Before transfers happened this week we met with a grandma from Sister Hartley's old area and she said its already FALL! Its still August!  Summer is so short here!

Sister Nelson's momma sent her Ramen and we ate that on Friday it was beautiful!!!!!!!!! (: thanks Momma Nelson!

Sipping Ramen through a straw
Saturday we went and Sister Kirby taught us Han uul and a little bit of Tuul it should be good, we should get tooo lost now (:

We were trying to talk to everyone at church and get appointments and names! It's a good thing there was two of us. 

Then Sunday night we met with bishop and a member family in our ward. We taught a lesson about service, but I know they served us more than we served them. They gave us buuz and a ride home! I'm really excited to be here the members are great! Its gonna be a good transfer!

Sister Bennett
New area
New area

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