Sunday, August 28, 2016


From August 21st

This week was full of a whole bunch of really cool lessons!

One of our investigators pointed out the Muslims stopped with the old testament and then how the Christians study also the new testament. BUT IN OUR OPINION it didn't stop there either, we have the Book of Mormon and general conference. It’s sooo cool that we have continued revelation.

It’s really crazy how I was sick for two weeks and we taught maybe a total of 3 lessons those two weeks but now being able to teach the gospel again makes me really grateful to teach the gospel!  What can I say it’s pretty great being a missionary! (:

On Tuesday we spent 1 hour and half total planning for Wednesday (calling on the bus, during lunch and dinner) and then on Wednesday ONE by ONE they cancelled on us, until everyone had cancelled on us. :P Sometimes you just have those kind of days. haha

This week I also wanted to say the phrase don’t settle for less, but I didn’t know how so since I couldn’t tell that person I’m gonna tell you all, DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS. God has a lot in store for us but we have to have faith in Him and his plan for us, even if it’s hard.

We were making huushuur this week and Saturday night Sister Hartley had put potatoes in the oven to make them baked potatoes to put the potaotes in the huushuur and one of the potatoes exploded! That was fun to tell our people in Mongolian That Sister Hartley made a potato explode in our oven. I finally got to use the word to explode. (I’m not sure how I learned that word) We should probably clean it up... :P

Why are prophets important? I learned this cool example this week. If you have a bunch of people sitting in a room with a bunch of books trying to figure it all out they just ask one another what do you think? oh I don’t know what do you think? and they just try and figure it out. BUT as soon as you put a teacher in the room, there is a leader someone to ask questions and someone for guidance. That’s why we need prophets! They make it so much easier!

We had an FHE with a family this week and the entire family sat in on it, even though they are not all members!!! :D It was the best, and everyone participated! Then we played candy land and we ate ice cream sundaes! Their job was to get the ice cream and we brought toppings of crushed up oreos, kit kats, snickers, cookies and sour gummy candies. They were so iffy about it at first. Little culture lesson, real fast: Mongolians put fruit on ice cream, not candy. but they LOVED the candy on ice cream!! haha I love that family sooo much!! (: it felt like home!

I love my ward! (: it’s pretty much the best!
Transfers are this upcoming WEEK!! dun, dun.. DUN!!!! #whoknows

Yeah that was my week!
Sister Bennett (:

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