Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mountain River = Mongolia

From September 5, 2016

We were asked to share about missionary work on Sunday in the English branch so we made cookies and related sharing the gospel is like sharing cookies. So pretty much being a missionary is awesome! We just share cookies all day long! (:

I learned what Mongolia (or in Mongolian mongol) means, mon means mountain, and gol means river. Mountain river (:

We also made peanut butter cookies :D you know its a good week when you have peanut butter cookies at home! (:

We also made pizza for lunch which almost didn't turn out, we slaved for this pizza! and then we were so happy when it was done! then we went and met with some members house and they have ordered pizza :P haha

We have double church duties! so fun and so crazy too! We have people come up to us and we aren't 100% sure who everyone is yet :P haha we met a lady last week she told us she was thinking about going to a christian church and so we invited her  and she CAME!! (: it was awesome! she said her daughter said "let's go to church!"! (: 

We are still trying to figure out our area! It's coming little by little! that's probably why my email is short, sorry!

Sister Bennett (:

Beautiful view from a hike!

A log cabin?

That's better!

A ger outside our apartment?  A day later it was gone.

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