Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I think we are figuring this area out!

From September 12th

We went to meet with a member. She told us to call her when we are close to her house and then she will teach us how to get to her house is what she said. We got to close to her house and her phone was "holbogdoh bolomjgui" which means its probably off. Usually here they are off for a long amount of time, so then we decided to ask people if there knew her. No one knew her and we called the old sisters who were here and asked where her house was, they told us and we knocked, no answer. Knocked again and no answer. We decided to leave a note on her door and go an do something else. So as we were walking away, I had the thought call her again. Got out the phone called her again and it worked! Then we were able to meet with her it was awesome! I'm glad I listened to the spirit say just to try just one more time.
Another time in a lesson this week, we were meeting with an investigator who was talking about a problem she had and I had the thought to teach about fasting instead of our previous lesson, then I brushed it off and then sister Nelson asked, "have you ever heard about fasting?" and I just about kicked myself mid lesson :P So listen to the spirit, its much better that way.
We met with a couple this week who are both new members. It was with some of the family members who are also church members and it was a great lesson about the temple and eternal families! Afterward the husband was being kind and walked us out to the bus stop. he asked us, "how's my family?" and in the middle of us saying "your family is great!" he the most humbly and honestly, sincerely said, "be honest are we a good family or a bad family? if we are a bad family, I will fix it." It was an awesome example of humility to me.

I ordered a dress today and learned the word for sleeve, trim, loose, zipper, and braided. Hopefully I explained it all right :P
This week was great! Ready for another good week I think we are figuring this area out! (:
Sister Bennett  (:

me playing the harp

My attempt at describing a dress to a dress maker


Mongolia is beautiful!

Would you like a Book of Mormon?

Sister Nelson playing the harp

A member with her harp like instrument
Look at all the whovilles.

Proselyting to cows isn't illegal.  Right?

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