Friday, April 24, 2015


To start off on Tuesday My companions and I tried to speak Mongolian all day but then we have a class that's with a teacher who only speaks English.  So we went from 6:30 am until 2:00 in the afternoon only speaking Mongolian, granted we were teaching one another the gospel that whole time since those are the only words we know, but it was still cool to see how far we've come!

Last Saturday we had TRC which is where real people come into the MTC and we teach them lessons, in Mongolian. This last week we taught about prayer and he was already a member so we shared a scripture on prayer and sister Hartley decided to share a scripture right below about praying with families and then because of that we invited him to pray with his family. Then afterwards our teacher does an evaluation with them and he said he was really touched by us mentioning that and that he now is going to pray with him family tonight because we invited him to do that. It was very cool. The spirit definitely guided that lesson because that was not our previous plan to read and invite him to do that. He definitely knows better that we do.

I saw Mckay! Or Elder Bleak! I knew him at BYUI first semester, so that was happy, he's headed to the motherland, Edmonton, Alberta speaking Spanish! So I'll send pictures of that.
Elder Bleak and Elder Chamberlain going Spanish speaking to CANADA???
PRAYERS WORK! On Tuesday we were in the bathroom and a sister comes into the bathroom with her companion crying, so we asked her what was wrong and she had gotten reassigned from Portugal to California because her visa didn't go through. So then we prayed for her the next few days and ran into her in the bathroom again on Thursday and she said she was doing better but was still feeling a bit bummed. Then literally an hour later at dinner we see her and she comes up and is just so happy! She said her district leader just told her that her visa went through and that she would be going to Portugal after all!! Prayers are answered! The best thing about that experience is that Heavenly Father knew that was going to happen all along! BUT he puts people and obstacles in our way in order to give us opportunities to turn to Him. Then He can bless us us with more faith, greater testimonies and even with a visa to go to Portugal. #PrayersAreReal

Oh , we also learned this week that apparently of the languages taught in the MTC that Mongolian is the second hardest, with Icelandic being the hardest, so no pressure or anything!!! 

You know you're a missionary when 6:30 is sleeping in. #RealLife
Have a great week! And Say your prayers because He IS listening!

Sister Bennett
A few more tidbits from Bailey's companion Sister Hartley's weekly email...
"We started English Teaching training this week!!! did you know... MONGOLIA IS THE ONLY MISSION that does this extensive training in english teaching??? by the end i will be a legit real live certified english as a foreign language teacher. WOAH RIGHT?!
I think we find out who our sponsors will be this week. We get sponsors to work with in Mongolia and that is the reason why we get to even be in the country.  Other missions teach english as a service project. I will actually have a class and students I see and prepare lessons for EVERY DAY. Crazy huh? I love this service mission dealio.  I cannot wait. I dream and pray for my future students often. This is such a great way to do missionary work cause we get to help teach them english giving the Mongolian people a better chance at a brighter future. I am so happy my heart is LITERALLY FILLED WITH LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR THE OPPORTUNITY I HAVE!"
and a bit of history, again from Sister Hartley...

"When the misson (in Mongolia) first opened, on the list of things to bring used to be 2 big rolls of duct tape..... want to know why? because missionaries used to LIVE in gers..... i'm grateful i dont have to."
Traditional Mongolian ger

Sister Bennett, Sister Wilkins and Sister Hartley

This is what a stressful email hour looks like.

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