Friday, April 3, 2015


Well let's start with my Disney moment of the week. Last Saturday we were going to class and we were going down the stairs and my shoe decides to pull a Cinderella and fly off my foot! Somehow I end up biffing it, and next thing I know I'm at the bottom of the stairs with no shoes on! There wasn't even ice like there would be in Mongolia... at least it doesn't hurt to sit anymore (: haha #didntrealizeiwasCinderella

YOU can call me Sister Bennae!
Long story: We met a Mongolian sister and she pronounced my name Bennettae and so i jokingly mentioned it to our branch presidency first councilor. Then it got relayed to the Branch president who thought I had said Bennae! Now he calls me sister Bennae #newname #theGameofTelephoneisBad
The Mongolian Sister is the one making the peace sign.

So on Wednesday we go into our Mongolian class and Sister Largin in Mongolian starts explaining that since she lives far away she wont be teaching at the MTC anymore!!! We all were so sad AFTER 5 minutes of figuring out what she saying in Mongolian and then in English she said, April Fools!!! She's the cutest, I love her!

Our investigator is Althteengerith and we've taught her about the restoration and prayer and a breief overview of the plan of salvation. In a lesson the other day we invited her to be baptized but she wanted to know what it was so during the lesson we got up and showed her and she was reinacting baptism with my other companion and explaining that you go under the water. But in stead of saying the word for water, she said the word for hair and so we described that you'd be immersed by hair!... whoops! we did fix the word during the lesson and the investigator understood much better after
that! (:
Me and my companions.

We tried Mongolian candy yesterday and it was curdled goat and horse milk. It was like eating a brick that smells and tastes like a barn! Mmm! #mynewfavorite at least the ones in Mongolia will have goat and horse hair in them #addedbonus haha (:

On the spiritual side of thing we had a devotional on Sunday about Ammon and how he was offered his father's kingdom and how he wanted to serve the Lord but then how Lamoni also offered him his daughter to wife. He could have had that land as well!!! but instead he wanted to serve and just be a missionary! I want to be like Ammon, and during this devotional I had a strong reassuring impression that I am where I need to be! #ilovebeingamissionary

Well have a great week! Love ya!

Sister Bennae! (:
 Sister Wilkins, Sister Hartley and I at the end of the first day in the MTC, we survived - barely.

 My companions and I at the Provo Temple.

 My name tag!

 Our name tags!!

The missionaries going to Mongolia -minus two sisters.

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