Friday, April 17, 2015

May the Force be with you!


So this week Sister Largin (My Mongolian teacher) was showing us pictures of the dogs they have in Mongolia. They are called Tibetan Mastiffs and they are SCARY! go look them up.

I saw Mikaela for the last time on Sunday because Monday morning she went to Thailand! CRAZY!

On Sunday we had our Sunday walk and I was studying my Mongolian flashcards. I set them down because my companions wanted to take a picture so I put my flashcards on a temple bench. Then all of a sudden a gust of wind picks up all my flashcards and they were all of a sudden in the air fluttering away. I felt like I was in a Pocahontas movie and my flashcards were being summoned for the song colors of the wind!! As they were flying away all the elders and sisters who saw it happen just watched them as they just kept getting higher. Elder Privado (in our district) said, "wow that's so beautiful" because he thought it was flower petal but nope there goes my flashcards. and there goes my Mongolian. #idontknowmongolian on the plus side I saved 6 of my 30 flashcards that flew away.

One thing we learned this week was that no matter how small a testimony that it doesn't make it any less of a testimony. but that we ought to keep progressing it and helping it to grow.

Speaking Mongolian makes me feel like Yoda, 
for example in English:
I read scriptures.
in Mongolian:
I scriptures read. 
Verbs always go last, just like YODA!

With our Mongolian investigators we are only allowed to bring in a note card of Mongolian words. we aren't allowed to write sentences on it either! It's crazy but you can feel the spirit so strong in our Mongolian lessons even though our language is very simple. It's very cool.

I love priesthood blessings! Sister Hartley received one yesterday. I love how it made an impact on all of us. I felt so happy afterwards. Blessings are so great.

So on Sunday we were called to be sister training leaders, my companions and another sister and I. Yay for fun callings!

Well, have a great week and keep progressing in the Gospel because that's what our Heavenly Father wants, is us continually improving. 

Sister Bennett

Being silly

our favorite solo missionary (: elder mulder

majestically looking off into the distance (: #nailedit (our mongolian districts)


"Will you be baptized?"

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