Monday, June 1, 2015

They Could Be Jesus' Daughters


So first full day in the field last Thursday WAS INSANE! At first I felt out of place because I wasn't in Mongolia but now I don't and I bet the palm trees help with that. BUT We got lost fifty bajjillion times, set off the fire alarm in our apartment, and went out proselyting?! WAIT YEAH IM A PROSYLYTING MISSIONARY NOW!!! But I have the best trainer, her name is Sister Baker and I remember thinking in the MTC how if I get a temporary reassignment that I want it to be to a small town, Sister Baker is my little bit of small town in California! SO IT'S JUST HER AND I READY TO CONCQUER NEWPORT. But we are both new to the area thus why we get lost so much! She's from Nephi, Utah! She is the most patient, kind sweetheart ever! We are trying to work insanely hard! She is a hard worker and I love it! We are over two wards a YSA ward and the Newport Hills Ward in Newport, California, ONE OF THE RICHEST CITIES IN THE WORLD. Colby Bryant lives in our ward boundries, :O you better believe we are gonna invite him to some church basketball sometime :P haha! and Marie Osmond's Son and a stink load more famous people live in the ward it's crazy. We also have an ipad and a car so different than what Mongolia would be!


We met a Spanish man the other day and asked if he wanted a book of Mormon. He then in a very Spanish accent said, "yes because sometimes my son goes astray". #dontletyoursongoastray

I have told wayyy too many people the language of my tag because everyone is confused. But a member we visited asked me to say the prayer in Mongolian. It was the most fluent prayer of my life! AHHH! I was so happy! so yeah I do have language study but sometimes its brief cause we've gotta go preach the gospel! Sister Baker has been a trouper and has learned a few words but I haven't used my Mongolian to another Mongolian yet #KeepingAnEyeOut

No word about my visa. (: #imnotworried

We taught the restoration in the park the other day to a Christian and her two little kids. SUPER COOL. Then afterwards the daughter said, "they could be Jesus' daughters". I'm glad I can represent Him even to a little girl

Have the missionaries over for dinner, WE ARE DESPERATE!!!! (: haha and have them teach lessons in the home that's the best!

Okay learning about the atonement was so cool this week! I learned from Korihor that: without the atonement THERE WOULD BE NO: blessings because we wouldn't be looked out from on high, there would be perpetual/unavoidable sin, there would be no point in faith/hope, and there would be no scriptures of prophets because there would be nothing to declare. WHOA!!!! the atonement is so powerful! We are blessed to know about it and especially when most the world doesn't and unfortunately even the Christian world!?

Things are great here, and I'm learning lots!
Sister Bennett (:
My MTC companions!


Working hard

Service project

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