Monday, June 22, 2015


Well this week has been SO GOOD! I mean really when your serving others can it really be anything but good?
The other day we were at a stop light and a man had his window down in the lane next to us and we were at a red light and I got out of the car and gave him a picture of Jesus, he shook his head but still took it! WOO! #EXTREMEcontacting #dontworryididntdie
So Sister Baker and I realized our ONLY difference and it is that I get hot easily but that she gets cold easily! haha (: we are like two peas in a pod!
We visited a less active who wasn't so sure about us being there but then the conversation seriously became guided by the spirit and we got her to open up and we were able to share a scripture with her! #tendermercies
We were on an exchange and there's this tree called the punching tree and Sister Dinning was with us and she was punching these trees cause they are kind of like punching foam. So then later in the day she punches a tree HARD and then she goes "OOW! yup thats a real tree" haha (:
We had a member lesson this week. Which is normal but THIS ONE WAS TERRIFYING, normally member lessons arent too scary but we were teaching FOUR RETURN MISSIONARIES, stinking scariest thing ever haha (:
I've realized what I've learned from the mtc that I really appreciate: from Sister Largin I learned, TO WORK YOUR GUTS OUT! she shared stories and I realized how I just want to work so hard and not waste time, no matter if it's for the people of Mongolia or California, and meetings are hard for me to attend just cause I want to go out and proselyte and baptize everyone! (meetings are good I know :P)

and from Brother Nelson: I have had to tell myself probably a million times since being out here to "HAVE FAITH IN THE MOMENT" and I'm grateful that he said that to us a million times in the MTC.  Just have faith in the moment and Heavenly Father will help out the rest! (:
So have faith in the moment, and work hard and Heavenly Father will work out the difference. (: and seriously we see miracles because of it! I'm grateful to be a missionary and to be learning about the gospel more everyday!
But as for all of us just keep doing the good stuff:
Work hard! (:
and have a great week!
Sister Bennett (:
ps I ate bananas this week, #bleh :P

Happy Sisters about to go do some service!

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