Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miracle Week

AHHHH Tuesday was insane! we had a great lesson that morning with two investigators and then that night we went to institute  and there was a rm there who JUST GOT BACK FROM MONGOLIA!!! less than 24 hours earlier! he served there a few years back but he went to visit then came back and came to institute?! can you say #miracle so I wrote down as many translations as I could think of cause I had a walking Mongolian dictionary sitting behind me! seriously I think Heavenly father is trying to tell me I'll make it there eventually and that I still need to keep studying, and that Mongolia can wait for me (: My miracle's name was Mike Corrigan (: HE WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT MONGOLIA!!! ahhh I haven't even been there but I love mongolia (: btw I filled out a visa paper the other day not quite sure what it was but it still processing thats all I know (:
Then we went from one investigator last week to a total of SEVEN!! They are seriously falling out of the sky! we are so excited #miracleseveryday
Baker and I with a member and an investigator

Yes, I am a door knocking/street contacting missionary, with the best companion ever! (:
I got an English tag this week WHAT WHAT! (:

WAIT WHO SAID SISTER BENNETT WAS A PICKY EATER?! This week I ate MUSHROOMS, TOMATOES, ONIONS, SALMON, & CRAB! WHAT?! but wait salmon was actually good!? but crab was funky? I could probably eat it again though? #Mombeproudofme #tomatoesarestillgross

Eating Crab! 

Go read the talk  The Character of Christ by David Bednar it is super GOOD! I think they have in the BYUI archives? its soooo GOOOOOOD! (:

Something I learned this week that i loved was from the institute teacher, Brother Andre, and he said are we giving Heavenly father our best everyday? Our best time during studying the scriptures? Giving meaningful service? He then said for most of my life I feel like I gave God the leftovers, for example ill pray later. He then said if you give God your best then you'll be way ahead of where I was. #crazypowerful #workinprogress
Have a great week, gotta go baptize the world!(:
For with God nothing is impossible. -Luke 1:37
Sister Bennett (:
Stop! and read your scriptures!

A hike with a new convert

Me and Baker
 Last week Bailey didn't have her camera.  These are last weeks adventures.
Me holding dinner.  Just kidding!

He's freaking out!
He made it to the top!

Me and Sister Wilkens on my birthday!

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