Monday, June 8, 2015


 I feel like I've been here forever!

OKAY, so we contacted this 21 year old last Monday and gave him a Book of Mormon and HE CALLED US BACK on Sunday!!!! and he said he'd be willing to come to institute. WHOA! we are starting to see exciting miracles in this area, Sister Baker and I, and we LOVE IT! I'm not sure I'm ready to leave California, it's starting to feel like home. We really are getting to know our family ward soo well and I LOVE THEM!!

 MY BDAY WAS GREAT consisted of three cakes one for every meal. people definitely love me out here! We made mom's cake for breakfast the Elders bought a cake and gave it to me at the zone blitz and President Orgill and his wife made me a cake at our new missionary meeting. SISTER BAKER GOT ME A POCKETKNIFE FOR MY BIRTHDAY SINCE I MISSED MINE SO BAD! she's the best! (:

IT'S WEIRD TO THINK I MISS SPEAKING MONGOLIAN, like I hardly even know the language! but my companion is a good sport and has learned a few words! (:

So we went on an exchange to another ward, and we didn't have dinner for the night and Sister Bennett is only happy if she has food, so I CALLED 17 people whom I didn't know to see if they would have us for dinner?! and the last one were so kind and had us over and they had chickens at their house so YEAH I HELD A CHICKEN THIS WEEK!!!!  and then we had pizza for dinner! (: #dontworryiwashedmyhands

So EVERYONE thinks I'm crazy but I'm determined to learn a little bit of Spanish while I am here, there are so many Spanish speaking people here! and I want to be able to bear my testimony and at least say here is a picture or pass along card of Jesus Christ #onelanguageisntenough #ihavespanishflashcards

So some of the missionaries have a bet of when we will make it Mongolia! man they are ridiculous! haha some say 6 months some say 1 year! haha Heavenly Father knows and all I know is I am happy to be here!

At the New Port Beach Temple
 So Sister Baker and I's text signature is (bake-n-nett) hahah! we think we are clever! so yeah we are over here working like crazy it's great!

Well, gotta go harvest the field,
Sister Bennett (:

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  1. Your president's name is Orgill??! That's only one of the most common Mongolian names and it means "summit" or "peak", and considering mountains are like temples, that's pretty cool!