Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God loves us ALOT!

This week I made far more phone calls than I would like to count but hey now it's not so scary? sort of haha (:
This week we played the name game, I listed English names and they said whether they were boy or girl names, so I said Tammy and they all said that it was a boy name so then I told then it was my mom's name! and they all laughed then I did Deon and they couldn't decide half said boy or girl! I told then it was both but it was my dad's name, TOO FUNNY (:
So we were walking by this little boy this week, and once he saw me he was staring at me with his mouth wide open and his eyes even wider, LIKE I'M FOREIGN OR SOMETHING :P haha I guess I am but anyways I said something to my companion in Mongolian and he tells his mom she speaks Mongolian, and kept staring, then I offered him a sticker cause thats my speciality! and he was even more in shock that I asked him in mongolian, so he picked a sticker and then he ran to catch up with him mom and he tripped and fell, but as his mom and scolding him to get up he was more concerned whether or not his sticker was alright holding his sticker like Rafiki held Simba. It was too cute! #lionking #littlebitofkindness
This week I successfully burned rice twice and made crytalized syrup? #notedible!
One of my favorite things from studies this week was really how much God loves us! He loves us ALOT! (:
My new companion
Sister Bolor this week said there are angels among us, fighting and proselyting as well, and I definitely got their help this week! (: #angelsamongus
Mongolia is beautiful!

Sista B (:

American food.  Thanks Ma!

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