Monday, September 14, 2015


So after one of my English classes one of my students came up to me and said, "I think you're a Mormon." I was so happy, he can tell I'm a Mormon even though both my companion and I can't wear our name tags while teaching. So because he asked  I am able to tell him that I am Mormon WHICH MADE ME SOO HAPPY so I did and he said he had been to our church before. Then the conversation ended. But as I kept thinking about it, maybe he just knew we were Mormon because we are missionaries and maybe cause we dress different than the normal person but I want others to know I'm a Mormon because of my actions, and words also. It also was a sign to me of how much people are watching. Are we being the kind of Mormon where someone could tell by our choices? #eye-opener #Imamormon 

We taught some newer members one was 11 and the other was 9. We asked them if they prayed this week and the little boy responded "yes I prayed everyday except Saturday because Saturday is a day to rest!" hahah! too funny and I understood it in Mongolian! #prayerisimportant #EVERYDAYevensaturday

I ate Raman BONE SOUP on Saturday. I'm grateful there were no visible bones #strangelyitwasgood

WE HAD AN INSANELY AWESOME CONFERENCE THIS WEEK! I wish I could share the whole thing but there's definitely not enough time haha (: But my favorite quote was "Jesus Christ came to pay a debt he didn't owe, because we owe a debt we cannot pay" -Elder Nelson "and the only way we can show our gratitude is by using the atonement and repenting daily. If we are repenting daily we wont fall away and our faith will grow!" I am grateful for the atonement and I want everyone to know how great a deed it really was. 

BEING A MISSIONARY IS GREAT! Believe me there are hard days but I choose to be happy cause I'm on the Lord's errand. (:
Sister Bennett

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