Monday, September 21, 2015


This week we were fasting and we went to a  home and they offered us food and we decided to break our fast to be kind, and we were planning to break our fast after the appointment anyways. So there we are eating some juicy buuz. and as it's going down it's not feeling so great... but my companion downed them insanely fast!! Afterwards we are walking to our next appointment and I asked my companion why that food didn't make me feel so great, she pretty much said uhhhh you don't want to know or you'll throw up. SO I MADE HER TELL ME! haha (: YEAH WE ATE ANIMAL INSIDES, stomach, intestines, and any other organ you can think of, mashed up into ground beef like form and put inside buuz, MMMM (: haha and my companion said she downed them so fast because she swallowed it whole! she said if she chews it she will gag :P #dontask #justeat #AMIAMANYET?
This week we had dinner with a member and she made us awesome food! but even before going to her house she always reminded me of Grandma Holladay, her kindness, and her dedication to the church. She's an English teacher here and so she speaks with me in Mongolian and English and so I've adopted her as my Mongolian Grandma (: but nonetheless we get into her house after a long day we sit down and are talking and she just made me miss Grandma Holladay more and more! and then I look up and there are peacock feathers above her TV mantle and seriously I couldn't take it! I know God loves me and puts people in my path to show me that and I'm very grateful for that! #tendermercies
My Mongolian Grandma

A member told us a story this week that I thought was funny and that I should share it (:
In Mongolia anyone can potentially be taxi, so this member was driving and she stops because this man wanted a ride, so he gets in her car and she realized he was a little drunk after this conversation.
she starts off and says, "Where to?"
 he says, "My home"
so she replies "okay where's your home?"
he says, "it's in my fence"
"okay where's your fence?" she asked
"it's around my Home" he tells her. hahaha (:
Don't worry they found his home, #DontDrinkandTakeaTaxi

We were fasting this week like I said earlier and that day we had the most lessons in that day than any of the other days this week #fastingworks (:
Let's be real, testifying about families, MAKES YOU MISS YOUR FAMILY #shoutout #loveyoufam!
We made alfredo this week! and we smashed it with Mongolian fried veggies and meat! IT WAS MONGOLIA AND AMERICA IN ONE BOWL!! and it fit! #littlebitofheaven
My Mongolian American Alfredo
I learned Animal sounds this week!
Cow -Moo- uhmboo
Dog - ruff ruff- how how
Bird - tweet tweet - jeep jeep
sheep - baa - maa
rooster - cockadoodle doo - kukarikuu
and the best of all
Frog - ribbit ribbit - wok wok
#animalsinMongolia (:
Life is good, thanks for all the love! I'm feeling it! (: have an awesome week cause that's what I'm going to do!
Sister Bennett (:
Me and my companion isn't she cute!
One of the men we are teaching in front of his "sweet Russian" car.
We had a wonderful conference with Elder Wong of the Seventy and his wife (front row).  My mission President, President Benson and his wife are in the front row too.

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