Monday, November 23, 2015


So we are going to start out this email with...It was a typical Friday in Mongolia. I'm teaching English to my cute and sometimes crazy little kiddos and we get a phone call from the assistants which means it's pretty important, so I have Sister Kofoed take over my class for a moment and I call them back. Here's how the conversation goes,

"Hello Sister Bennett, how are you?" (that's a question meant to soften the blow I bet :P)

"I'm good thanks."

"Are you coming to the byanzurk today?"

"No I wasn't planning on it."

"Well your companion is here and waiting for you. When can you be here?"

"I can be there in 30 minutes? Wait, Sister Peterson is waiting for me?"

"Oh no, not her, do you not know? YOU'RE TRAINING SISTER BENNETT!"

And that's yeah about how it happened. I am a mom! (It's what they call themselves when they train a new missionary)  It was the longest drive back to the byanzurk even though it was probably only 30 minutes!! but anyways I go and pick up the new sister and she is seriously the cutest, happiest person ever, I love it! Her name is Sister Maralmaa and she is visa waiting, but I know we are going to be best friends. and that I'm probably going to cry when she gets her visa but she was called to GOOD OLE OREM, UTAH!! (: but until then I claim her, and thank goodness I don't have to teach her Mongolian she's got that part down pretty good! (: We are going to stay in the same ward but if we find people in Byanzurk or American Denj then we can teach them too, so we are starting from scratch (: BUT HEY WE WILL MAKE IT WORK AND BRING THE MIRACLES!! but let me tell you I thought I was safe this transfer #nooneissafe! #30minutestomotherhood
I'm a mom!  This is my daughter Sister Maralmaa.  Isn't she cute?

Since I haven't had very many days since pday, I only have so many stories, but let's go back to last Thursday, so we we're getting groceries, Sister Petersen and I, and we are walking away from the store, and this man starts yelling at us from behind us. We kind of don't want to turn around, but then it seemed more urgent and so I turn around and this man had stopped traiffic and was pointing to my ham stick in the road, this great little man just wanted to make sure our hamstick didnt get squished! #thanksforstoppingtraffic #hamstickontheloose

My ponderizing scripture this week was D&C 4:5 "And faith, hope, charity and love with an eye single to the glory of God qualify him for the work" and I grateful that I can work on each one of those things and I know I can love these people. I definitely don't know everything but as long as I focus on those things and strive to learn Mongolian, then that's what really matters (:

So READY OR NOT, here we go! I'm ready to find the miracles God has in store for us, and it may be rough at first, but that's okay, All is well here in beautiful Mongolia! (:

Sister Bennett
Me, my trainer and my companion for two weeks Sister Peterson.

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