Monday, November 16, 2015


The transfers are out!... and I was called to serve in a branch in OUTER SPACE!!!! well it's still in Mongolia but the name of our branch is Sansar which translates to outer space! My companion is Sister Petersen. I also have a part time companion, Sister Kofoed who is a new sister that came with the group of 14 americans that came a week ago!! 

So let's back up to last week I literally went from being a Mongolian's quiet companion to being a part time trainer! WHOA! can you say I STILL DONT KNOW MONGOLIAN?! haha (:

The reason why Sister Kofoed and I are part time companions is because our companions teach English together 14 hours a week so while they are teaching we are going be preaching the gospel together and finding miracles! Here's a good mental image of Sister Kofoed and I wandering through Mongolia speaking English with a bunch of papers with less active's addresses and trying to ask people for directions to the apartment buildings because even though they go up in number they are not in numerical order. So I learned how to ask people where buildings are this week and I am grateful people always point when they go to give directions or maybe they can tell I will only be able to understand if they point haha! but hey WE FOUND PEOPLE'S APARTMENTS, so that was a miracle in itself! (: 

This one door we knock on and this cute little old lady neighbor opens the door, and we ask if she knows if (random name) lives next door to her? and she said she didn't know, and then she asked us if we were were religious people? and we said yes and we asked her the same question, are you religious and then this little old lady whips out the sass on us and says, "Yes I'm Mongolian therefore I'm Buddhist, duh!!" oops!! She was just too funny (:

Lastly, this week I was asked to translate Monday night, by Sister Francom for the senior couples and I told Sister Francom NO WAY JOSE! I DON'T KNOW MONGOLIAN! and that someone else could definitely do a better job! but she had faith in me, and she said you can do it, you know more Mongolian than any of us senior couples do. I was with Sister Kofoed at this time and was terrified because if I didn't know something there wasn't a backup! but I accepted the challenge and took it on head first and I made sure to bring my dictionary just in case! I was able to tell the taxis where to go and got us all there safely and we had a lovely little family home evening and there was only one sentence I was unable to translate but everything else I was! I was shocked! I have been so blessed to come this far with my Mongolian and I'm so grateful Sister Francom had faith in me! cause it was a great learning experience! and can we acknowledge I didn't use my dictionary hola! (:

My translating adventure!

So I'm learning lots and growing even more here in Mongolia! and every day is a new adventure that's for sure! and I am choosing to take every step forward in faith! and God will help with the rest!

Sister Bennett (:
Sister Petersen and I rocking the ponytails!

Sister Kofoed and I.


  1. I so enjoy your post. Have a great week.

  2. I so enjoy your post. Have a great week.

  3. You are such an amazing woman! Obviously you do know the language! You also have help from Heavenly Father. Keep up the good work! Love the picture of everyone sitting around in a ??? Great pictures ! Have a marvelous week Sister Bennett!!!