Monday, November 30, 2015

Hi... I'm five. I love God!

This week was the primary program in our ward, not that I'm biased but it was wayyyyy cuter here in Mongolia!! (: so here's my favorite highlight, this little boy gets up and holds the mic super close to his mouth and says,

"Hi.. I'm five.
I love God!....
...uhhh (*heavy breathing into the microphone)...
....I like coming to church.
I like reading scriptures.
and I like praying
and I say my testimony
in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Too cute, short and sweet (:

Heres my mini miracle of the week, I was looking for a picture for 30 minutes before personal study this week and then I started personal study with a prayer of course and I pray that I will be able to find it this week, I sit down to personal study and my first thought is "look in your Bible!" and there I looked and BAM!!! there it was right there, why it was in my Bible I'm not sure but God answers prayers, and that I am very grateful for.

I figured I'd make a short list of things I am grateful for in the season of Thanksgiving.

I'm grateful...
for the atonement.
to be able to share the peace in knowing about the plan of salvation.
to be a missionary
for the miracles we have seen this week in the work.
to able to feel the spirit.
for my mission so far and how much I feel I've grown.
to be able to associate with awesome sisters!
and lastly I'm grateful for my family!

This week we were walking home from an appointment and we hear this man speaking on the phone behind us and he starts talking about us and goes, "let's speak in English" to the person he was talking to. What he didn't realize is that we both understood him :P #sillyboy

My companion is the best but the funniest thing this week is she has a new found addiction... She tried toast for the first time and now has it multiple times a day! she was meant to go to america! #toocute

On Tuesday my companion and I were prepping to meet with this investigator family and we didn't want to mess it up and so we did practices, we prepped asking the baptism question. We read scriptures and then we felt ready to go and help them get baptized and we get there and are introducing ourselves, and THEY ARE MEMBERS!!! granted they were less actives, but they didn't need to be invited to be baptized haha.... #lessonchange #alwaysbeprepared

This week was filled with phone calls, but through them we have met with people! but we are ready to find the miracles in store for us this week!  we are ready to be bold and love these people a whole lot!

Sister Bennett

Sansar squad!! we didn't do that, promise ;P

Old investigator from Unur who now lives in Sansar!!
Thanksgiving p-day dinner!! Thanks for the gravy mom it made the dinner!

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