Wednesday, November 18, 2015

There's NEVER a DULL week in Mongolia.

There's NEVER a DULL week in Mongolia. (: but I am grateful for those weeks that seem more normal than others! I'm not sure this week would be considered dull or normal but anyways let's get to the good stuff!

We picked up an investigator this week, we will name her Golden H and in our phone before we met her we decided to put a golden star by her name, in hopes she would be golden! and then we are teaching her the first lesson and she tells us ever since she was little she has always known that God was there, so that was awesome start and then we invite her to be baptized and when my companion did she said I was hoping you would invite me, cause I really want to get baptized! WHAT?! soo cool! She was definitely prepared and maybe the gold star help a little bit :P

Taught my first restoration lesson as a senior companion (but don't be fooled I still do NOT know Mongolian) I'm greatful that Golden H is so golden I couldn't really have done too much wrong, all you got to do is help them feel the spirit and HAVE LOTS OF FAITH! #faithforthewin!

We taught FHE this week and we were teaching the tree of life story and so we were talking about mist of darkness came on the people and so we asked the 5 year old if he liked the dark. He thought for a second and said then I would turn on the lights, so his parents exaplain what if the lights didn't work so he pondered for a few minutes then gets up and points the orange street lights outside and say he would go to those, so we said what if those were gone? and then lastly this smart little boy said okay then the car!! hahah! obviously he doesn't like the dark and would try to find whatever light is possible! I'm grateful for the light this gospel brings and that no matter how dark it may seem the light always overcomes the darkness (:

Mongolia is keeping me on my toes, I called 41+ less actives on Tuesday and got a total of five lessons with people we called! Wooo! It's a miracle they could understand me in the first place! (:

So you know the idiom cat got you tongue in English, they have one for that in Mongolian, so it's you do not want to drop Gold out of your mouth? #ilikegoldbetterthanacat (:

My ponderize scripture this week was D&C 76:22 "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!"

Mongolia is tab bit chilly (-22 F at one point this week) but we are keeping warm and working hard! Life is Good. (:

 Sister Petersen and I with Sister Marriott of the General YW Presidency
Sister Bennett

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