Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How are you going to give?

Here's the weekly lowdown! (:

Tuesday: burned. 
Wednesday: Me an my companion are checking houses all day and it was stinking cold so while we were searching for apartment buildings we had to go inside little stores to warm up but then around 4 o'clock we would go into store but we just weren't warming up!  We decided to buy these little cake things that we always buy on pdays but this time IT WAS THE BEST CREAMIEST cake thing ever! not sure if the cold had anything to do with it :P  Then, thankfully, we had a ward Christmas party that night! The best part was Santa came! #MongolianSanataisHilarious

At the Ward Christmas Party
Thursday: We got permission from the parents of our young investigator to be able meet with her and teach her!! (:

Friday: CHRISTMAS! We went to an orphanage and gave them gifts on Christmas morning and this one little girl was tooo cute! 
So I asked her "What's your name?"
"My name is Ariun-Bolor"
I said, "No way!!! My name is Ariun Bolor. What's your name?" 
"No your name isn't Ariun Bolor,because my name is Ariun Bolor"
She was too cute and was probably about 7 years old. (:

Then we had Indian food for Christmas! #IndianfoodinMongolia?

Then we had a devotional about the Savior and talked about how in order to be a good gift receiver, you also have to be willing to give and how we really are given lots of blessings.  So now that you have received, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE? (:

Talked to the fam!! Woo! love them lots! (:

Then in one of my English classes on Saturday we were talking about feelings: happy, sad, angry, hot, cold, shiver etc. So we went through those new words for the days and two of my little 12/13 year old boys, just start busting up laughing and they couldn't stop, and I didn't understand what was so funny, so they are going on for a good 4 minutes. Then we get them back and continue on with class. Afterwards my companion asked me if I knew what the word shiver meant in Mongolian? Because apparently there's a word in Mongolian that is said "shiver" but of course means something totally different and it means the smell of foot sweat! So these little boys were just dying over the word shiver or in other words foot sweat! :P #lovethem

Sunday: Had dinner at a members house and they said it was original Chinese food! but there was no Panda Express orange chicken?! :P still was super good, just felt a little jipped :P 

How is my mission already at halfway? #weirdsauce 

All in all, this week was good! I love Mongolia!

Sister Bennett (:
We all reached our 9 month mark on Christmas day!

Me and my comp

Merry Christmas from the sister missionaries

MTC companions!

Sister Wilkens trying to steal Christmas!  Grinch!

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