Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It really is "the most wonderful time of the year"!

Another week come and gone, I'm pretty sure time, just goes faster as you are on your mission! 

My knee has recovered from falling in a manhole, so I am restored again to normal walking! 

Taught lots of English this week, I helped at Sister Wilkins school, taught at the Bayanzurkh and then also at my school! but hey we sing Christmas songs in class, so can't get much better than that! #englishoverdose #justkiddingiloveenglish

We met with a member this week and probably made over 50 buuz!
This gives you an idea of what buuz is.  It is a dumpling that is steamed with meat in it.
 But before we made the buuz we were eating dinner and her two little ones probably 2 and 4 didn't really want to eat so we made it a game. "Don't let the missionary eat the potatoes before you do." So the mom would say "watch out watch out Sister Bennett's going to eat your food, hurry fast." #workedeverytime then once it was in their mouth, She would say "Sister Bennett what are you doing, trying to eat these little children's food!? tsk! tsk!?" then she would go to her other little girl and do the same this with my companion. Too funny! Doesn't matter where, America or Mongolia, sometimes you gotta make dinnertime a game in order to get the little ones to eat food! (:

There me and my companion are walking through Mongolia, but that's nothing abnormal to us. but apparently it was to this one man. We overhear him say, "what? why is there a Mongolian speaking English and an American speaking Mongolian?! how weird?!" we started busting up laughing, Sir we are a peculiar people we know and we are what you call Mormons, would like to learn more? (: #monglishisalanguage

Well I would say the weather outside is frightful but its actually not too bad so I am very grateful for that! (: #nothinghasfrozenoffyet

Well have a great week before Christmas, Find an opportunity to serve, find someone to love, or find a way to show the Savior you are grateful for him! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas!
Sister Bennett (:

We are cute!

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