Monday, December 7, 2015

Missionary vs. Manhole

There's always something crazy that happens... but we will save that for later!

This past Monday we cleaned our apartment for pday cause we were going to get inspected, so we made it shine, unfortunately it took our whole pday. and we had 15 mintues to eat before we needed to leave for an appointment and then we opened the package from home and there were some beautiful BELGIAN WAFFLES!! So shout out to Sister Simmons!! That was our dinner! It was perfect! and they were amazing!!!!! #THANKS!!
Belgian Waffles from Sister Simmons!  They were amazing!
So my Momma taught me words are important, and this week my companion while just listening to me speak learned these two phrases from me:
Holy cow! & Thank Goodness!
hmm, made me think what am I really saying? haha but hey thank goodness they are those two phrases! (:

Here's the crazy story of the week we will call it... 
Missionary vs Manhole!
My companion and I were walking home and talking and laughing and then I decide to step on a manhole lid. Apparently it was the wrong day to mess with that manhole! cause then WHABAMM! This manhole eats my leg! So let's back up, I step on the manhole, my leg goes in the manhole, I hit the ground with my leg still in this manhole and for the grand finale the manhole lid still swiveling on its metal pivot comes around and hits my half eaten leg!... I survived, with a bruise, a scrap and some swelling. and I'm sure I looked silly during English limping around my classroom, so children DON'T PICK FIGHTS WITH A MANHOLE! but hey it's all good now. #manholelidsareFEISTY #theywillwin

Oh hey we gave an investigator a baptism date!!! #yayforprogressinginvestigators

We also ate some beautiful food at Sister and Brothers Hill's home on Saturday with a lot of the sisters! (: So shout out to them!

This week my ponerizing scripture was Moroni 8:16 and the phrase that was written on my heart was, "Behold i speak with boldness, for perfect love casteth out all fear!"

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a great Holiday season!

Sister Bennett

Some of the sisters from my MTC group.

Me and my comp. 

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