Wednesday, December 23, 2015

We may have stolen a Christmas tree?

So we may have stolen a Christmas tree this week, as well as an air filter and some toilet paper. Well okay we got the key to the old Sansar sister's apartment to originally get their old area books because no one lives there, but the other things were definitely bonuses calling our name to be loved!! But people were giving us weird looks as we are walking back to our apartment with a fully decorated Christmas tree. #stolechristmas #wewillgiveitbackdontworry

SHOUT OUT TO SISTER WOOD! Thanks for the amazing package, the other sisters and I are still savoring the cereal and we love our Christmas decorations around the house. Thank you! (:
Thanks Sister Wood!
Sometimes I wonder how sisters hair look so great at the end of the day? That's a miracle in itself! #randomthoughtoftheday #butreally?! 

Last Monday we were burned by an investigator and so we decided to go home and make phone calls to less actives but on our way home were the investigators we have been trying to meet with. They are maintenance people for our apartment and so they are sweeping away the snow that is falling, so we offer to help! They were just the cutest and then were able to set up an appointment to meet with them! They were willing to pray in the lesson and committed to read five verses in the Book of Mormon! Too cute! #blessingsofservice #hardworkinglittlecouple!

You know before my mission I thought missionaries were perfect!... haha #perfectionpending #alwayslearning

We are trying to meet with our investigator "Beautiful A" and she was at work so we were hoping she didn't cancel on us, so it was 7:45 but we had to wait until 8 to call her and so were going to wait in a little place near where we were until we could call her again, Then I see this place that says chocolate factory and ya know my thought process goes, "yep that sounds like a good idea!" My companion agrees that we should go look at beautiful chocolate! and then when we are almost inside my companion goes THIS IS HER WORK!!! and look at that! we walk inside the chocolate factory and it has two other little shops and she worked at one of the other little shops but nonetheless after her work we were then able to meet with her and her sister and read the Book of Mormon together! it was a great lesson! but who knew chocolate could help you make good choices! #choosethechocolate

Can we just acknowledge I love children, can I just take them home? but maybe that's a little creepy... #mongolianANDamericanlittlechildrenaretheBEST

Anyways, CHRISTMAS IS HERE! and Life is beautiful! I'm grateful for MONGOLIA! 


Sister Bennett (:

People say we look alike, what do you think?
With one of our investigators.

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