Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm here in Mongolia to tell people this gospel is awesome!

God protects us in weird ways: We were walking to the busy stop to go to my school and we always take this shortcut behind some apartments and through this gate that's always open. But that day the gate was closed and we had to go back around which slowed us down getting to the bus stop and getting to my school on time.  So then we are walking to the bus stop and we still are a little ways a way but we see the bus that we need to get on drive by, but we weren't close enough that we could run to the bus stop and catch it. So we catch the next bus and as we are going to my school there was a lot of traffic and then we see the bus we were sad we didn't catch had gotten in a car accident. I hoped no one got hurt, but I think God locked the gate that morning so we would get on the next bus. (:

So I decided a successful day is helping one person, We were walking near our house and the sidewalk ends at this one part and we see this cute little lady in her fancy fur coat, standing on the sidewalk waiting for someone to help her. I'm grateful for those moments when we can be someone's little angel for the day, even if it is only to cross the road safely.

Want to know how to make a missionaries day? It's to give them good leftovers to take home!! Yum! #shoutouttoCharlieandMart

My companion and I prayed for our goals this week and we had a total of 11 lessons this week we usually do not reach that many lessons!! It was a miracle and I know God's hand helped us meet with those people because we first asked for it.

I love sincere prayers of investigators, they change me and help me to know that prayers really can be answered. That's whys I'm here in Mongolia to tell people this gospel is awesome!

This week was good even though it was also very hard! but God helps us through it all! (:

Sister Bennett
My Mongolian deel

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