Friday, February 19, 2016

Tsagaan Sar!!

Tsagaan Sar!! (Mongolian New Year)
Traditional table setting for Tsagaan Sar

My companion and I with President Benson, some of his kids and a Mongolian Family.
All dressed up in our traditional Mongolian deel.
Total buuz count for the week was: 63 Yum! (if you ask some elders they did a better job than mine count ;P)

We were NEVER hungry this last week :P 

One grandma at a house we visited this week, thought my companion's Mongolian was REALLY good!! because she thought she was an American :P haha!! no but really her Mongolian is way good! :P

President Benson told my companion her visa came this week and my companion afterward my companion goes "wait what did president Benson say?" SHE THOUGHT IT WAS A DREAM! (: #nope My companion is gonna make it to America in the next few weeks or so! #woo

Sister Wilkins and I went and helped clean the church this week, I'm not sure I've ever seen the chapel look sooooo clean!! Working for something definitely makes you appreciate it more (:

Then Sister Wilkins and I went to an investigators house this week, and I ask Sister Wilkins do you know how to say her house looks nice? and Sister Wilkins goes "I don't know, all I know how to say is that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected!" yup! #stilllearning!
Sister missionaries on the bus.

Anyways I'm excited to have lessons this week! Last week was good too though (: have a great week!

Sister Bennett
Mongolia is beautiful!

New member we are meeting with.

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