Monday, February 22, 2016


On Wednesday we had a big meeting come up on Saturday. So I let my English school know that I probably wouldn't be able to teach Saturday. Then we got a text back, can you teach tomorrow instead? So we decided that seemed like the only fair thing right?! BUT!! We already had appointments and meetings scheduled so we would have to cancel those UNLESS We found two people to come with us for about 7 hours Which is a LOT of time to ask for. So we kept pondering what to do and then met with investigator and had the name of a member come to mind, then after that lesson we called her and said she totally COULD!!!! and then we found another person to do a split with us!!! Seriously it was a miracle to us! What can be better than teaching the gospel and English at the same time! (: shout out to tuvshee and anujin!! y'all are the best! #miraclemoment

One of my English students is too funny. Often I ask him a question about the activity we are doing and if he doesn't know the answer he will glare at the board like it's an enemy and maybe it will go away if he stares at it long enough, but hey, then he usually figures it out! So if you're stuck and don't know what to do just glare at it and it will all work out! (:

Advice of the week, read the Book of Mormon, Feel the spirit, it will change your life. I promise! (:

We are sitting in sacrament meeting listening to a speaker giving his talk and one of the girls drew a picture of the speaker and went up and gave it to him during his talk. It was too cute! Then the speaker said man that's pretty good! looks just like me! But I was thinking about it she wanted to do it to brighten his day! It was her way of showing him and others God's love. Isn't that why we go to church?! to be strengthened! (: #Godslovecomeinmanyways #goBrightenSomeonesday

I taught my companion T49 texting this week! She was amazed and loved it! #joyinthelittlethings

Mongolia is warming up a little (: I mean I wouldn't mind if it warmed up a bit faster :P but lets be real!
 Life is Good! & Mongolia is great!

Sister Bennett (:

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