Sunday, July 31, 2016

Well I can cross that off my list of "now I've eaten that."

 From July 17th
Mongolia is beautiful!
Monday and Tuesday were a blur :P we prepped for zone training.

! had zone training and then We went over to a member to make huushuur for Naadam and our investigator was there. So we talked about what she had read from the pamphlet and learned about prophets over making huushur #onlyinMongolia (: then we all sat down and were eating and the member a returned missionary (who served in the neighboring ward when i was in Unur) offered us horhog. SO I ATE HORHOG for the first time!  that was yummy (just some really famous way of cooking meat). Then she offered us this really weird looking piece that was off the bone. we asked her what it was all she said is its really good for your body :P Sister Hartley downed it like a champ! I looked at it for just too long that it was a little harder to eat. then We asked what it was and our investigators points to her nose and signals like snot and says a new word and we both interpreted it as like snot! and we were like ew!! gross!! and they got a kick out of that! :P but apparently what it really was, was bone marrow. well I can cross that off my list of now I've eaten that :P haha 

Making Huushuur

Thursday We went to met with a new investigator family that we received as a referral!! It was so exciting!! (: and then we figured out he doesn't live in our area!... so we passed them to the missionaries in their area. So we were on our way home to do big plan. On our way we were talking about how they translated chinggis xaana to ghenggis khaan and how we think they should have translated it so English speaker wouldn't read it sooo awfully wrong :P and then this little boy with his dad purposefully walks right in front of us looking at our hands to hand us flowers each, that he had already picked. It was soo cute!! Little blessings from heaven! (:

 Everyone was able to meet with us on Saturday and we had four solid lessons!! It was great!! I'm grateful to teach the gospel all the time . We also counted how many times we had prayed that day it was 23. We pray A LOT! But I'm grateful for it! It always helps my companion and I focus better. Prayer is amazing! (:

Anyway life is good! (: I've also been better at journaling this week, So if your not journaling I would recommend it (: 
Sister Bennett (:


Baptism of a young girl in our ward.

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