Sunday, July 10, 2016

Learning from the spirit is the best!

July 3, 2016
My area

 I'm not really sure what happened this week!

But I've realized if you want something you have to decide to do the things that will help you get that! I've been trying trying to make my personal study more effective and feel like I learned from the spirit. In order to do that I have to go in with a purpose and ready to write anything down that I learn. and same with making my time effective, sometimes in order to accomplish what you need to you gotta go fast haha (:

NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!! President Harper held a mini conference for us and the thing I enjoyed the most was the part where they mentioned preparing for the sacrament and being early for church to listen to the music and bring the spirit in  our hearts. So Sister Hartley and I went and made sure the music was playing and it was really nice to listen to the music and prepare for the sacrament mentally. 

I also like this scripture this week from Mosiah 5 where it talks about being called Christ's, and then I thought about how we all get names when we are little and how it takes us a long time to recognize and respond to them, but in order to have Christ's name we have to act as he would so others will recognize us and so we recognize ourselves as His too! (:

Anyways, learning from the spirit is the best and I'm really grateful for it! and That was my week!! (:


One of our ward missionaries
our church building
Solongoo coming with us as a member to a lesson 
Personal study just like the MTC

Tori!  No! Don't get married without me!

Best graffiti ever!

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