Friday, July 22, 2016


 Happy Naadam festival! 

I ate one huushur practically for breakfast and one for lunch and I feel like that was insufficient!! haha

We bought tickets for today's events and they gave us the tickets also for the next day of events which we wouldn't be attending an we saw somebody about to buy tickets and we just gave them our it was awesome! Saving someone a little bit of money! (: an lets be real good deeds just make you feel good! (:

I held a huge bird on my arm!! (: #prettysweet! I also bough lots of souvenirs! :D

me and a huge bird- he's heavy!

We met with a new investigator this past week and it was great I feel like she was super prepared!! yay for little blessings from heaven (:

So since its Naadam this week I don't teach English!! :O Time to fill that time with some really good lessons!! (: 

In between my English class we went to get a drink from the store and as we got into line to pay I told my companion "hey I should have grabbed deodorant too" (i was running low on deodorant) but the lines we long an we didn't want to be late and my companion goes and grabs my drink and says "i can wait here and i think the isle for deodorant is over there" as she points to a location that would have been out of sight!! and i replied "i cant go get it you wont be able to see me!" She had forgotten we were missionaries because she said i just thought i was hanging out with a friend teaching English haha!! (: First of all we have been missionaries for a year and 3 months now :P haha and 2nd she pretty much is a great companion!! (: 

Life is pretty good! Gotta run! I'm probably gonna go home and make my companion make us some more huushur! :D
Sister Bennett

New mission president, "What beautiful dresses and what ugly shoes!"
These shoes have traveled many miles in the service of the Lord!  
me and the big bird!

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